K-Drama Recommendation: ‘Oh My Venus’

As fate would have it, I found yet another drama at the tail end of this year that has impressed me. After more cheery dramas like Cheer Up and She Was Pretty wrapped up, I was hoping we’d get another upbeat drama with a good message. Guess what? I think Oh My Venus is totally that drama for me. And, to think, I almost passed it up because it didn’t sound like a must-watch drama. But that blasted fate has proven once again that it knows me better than I know myself.

Oh My Venus is the story of a woman who was once thin and possessed an unearthly beauty that had all people in her town referring to her as Daegu’s Venus. All the boys fawned over her and did all kinds of things for her. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, she ends up gaining weight and loses the man she’s loved for years. As fate would have it, Joo Eun’s path crosses paths with famous personal trainer from the states, John Kim. He goes by Young Ho, his given name, and he is very tight-lipped about his identity, which is a bit more complicated than even Joo Eun ever expected.

Without giving too much away, I’m genuinely enjoying this series. I can relate so deeply to Shin Min Ah’s character, Joo Eun, and I think that’s a reason that I’m so enamored by Oh My Venus. There is also So Ji Sub. I’m sure I don’t need to explain, but there’s just a way that he plays his character that draws you in. Also, let’s not forget the adorable bundle of joy and happiness that is known as Henry (played by Kim Ji Woong). He is the comic relief of this series. His character is so bubbly and upbeat that it really sets a nice tone to a series that could otherwise stray on the melodramatic side.  For me personally, these actors are all new to me, so it’s been quite the experience.

The only sour note is Joo Eun’s ex, Woo Sik. That actor played the slimy, despicable husband of Geum Ran in Birth of a Beauty. Yeah, it’s that crazy guy who tried to kill his wife just to gain possession of a building she owned. It’s a fair wager to say that his character, Woo Sik, is slightly better than Kang Joo, but this slime ball also cheated, so there’s honestly not a positive thing I can say about his character here. Ugh.

Otherwise, this drama is so much fun. Henry, Young Ho, and Joon Sung are really close, and it’s quite an experience seeing them interact with Joo Eun and grow closer and cheer on her weight loss goals. Really, these four are the heart and soul of this drama.



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