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Thai Drama: Ugly Duckling Series ‘Don’t’ Review

ugly duckling series don't review

Ugly Duckling Series Don’t Review

I was looking forward to this drama after my lukewarm reception to Pity Girl. Not only does Don’t have a great soundtrack, but the story was really engaging. After confessing her love in elementary school to her crush, Maewnam is literally crushed when he rejects her in front of all his friends. He calls her ugly and it’s at that moment that she decides to wear a box on her head. Maewnam is really damaged by those events and she hides behind the box, truly believing that she’s ugly.

Forced to return to school, Maewnam meets Minton and Zero. Minton is sweet, friendly, and new to the school while Zero is a notorious troublemaker who uses his fists to solve his problems. The question is: who’s the boy that called her ugly all of those years ago? Is it Minton? Is it Zero? Is it another person? I will reveal a few spoilers below, so please proceed with caution.





(It was Minton who called her ugly all those years ago. The person Maewnam ends up with is Zero.)

It’s easy to relate to Maewnam, especially because I’m shy and sensitive. While Maewnam has no problem expressing herself, she has a problem accepting herself. Throughout the series, we get to see her learn and grow and come out of her shell. Mild Wiraporn is a great actress — I see some nice range in her abilities. Her character, Maewnam is notorious for jumping to conclusions, but even in her haste, she learns she was wrong and apologizes.

It’s hard not to like her, so it’s sad that she’s torn between two guys throughout most of the series. Although, if you pay attention close enough, one of our certain male leads has very significant scenes with her — even though they’re short — so you might be able to figure out which way this one is heading without too much thinking.

At the end of the day, this drama taught some great messages. It’s okay to be yourself. You can make wrong choices and still turn your life around. You can accept your mistakes and learn that they don’t have to define you. And most of all, you learn not to run away from your problems and instead confront them. These are all nice little themes throughout Don’t. It was mostly a positive experience for me, and I think it’s worth watching. Whether it’s family or friendship, this drama has a little bit of everything.

Don’t has a total of 7 episodes and all of them are available with English subtitles on youtube. Awesome, right?

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  1. I didn’t even finish this one. I was pretty disappointed with who she was leaning towards and guessed almost immediately into the show who had done the damage (but then again I’m weirdly good at guessing “twists” in movies and TV shows, haha). The minute I saw his face when she said why she wore the box, you could see the slight look of guilt on his face and I thought “Yep, he realizes now the effect that words can have on people”. But I thought that he proved himself to be changed and all in all was way more likable than the other guy, so she should have chosen him. Meh. MUCH preferred Perfect Match and Pity Girl (and yes I’m late to the party on this show!).

    1. Honestly, out of the four stories, Perfect Match is still my favorite. I had some issues with the actress in Pity Girl at times, but over all that was good. I didn’t really have issues with Don’t. I wasn’t a big fan of Zero in the beginning, but he did manage to grow on me.

      I’m curious to know your thoughts when you finish watching Boy’s Paradise. I never reviewed that one. It’s been a few years, so the details why are hazy yet. I don’t think I loved that one. I can say with certainly that Perfect Match was my personal favorite out of all the stories.

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