K-Drama Recommendation: D-Day


Sometimes I’ve been known to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie. That is, when it comes to dramas. In real life, I’m not really the thrill-seeking type, but there’s nothing like sitting down and overindulging on an intense, action-packed k-drama. I’ve always been highly addicted to natural disaster types of series and movies. For me, the natural disasters are terrifying, but that’s not why I watch them. What I do love is seeing the good in people — how to raise up despite the challenges and extreme circumstances. I love seeing people band together for the greater good. And, for me, that’s a huge reason why I’ve gravitated towards D-Day.

The premise is that a large earthquake rocks Seoul, creating widespread destruction and death. When it comes to natural disasters, it’s nothing groundbreaking, but that doesn’t make it any less worthy or any less interesting for storytelling. The acting is top notch, the cinematography feels like a movie budget production, and the instrumental music is the perfect accompaniment to D-Day. There are some great stories being told in this drama. You have the doctor who will save patients at absolutely any cost — even if it could end up in him being sued. Then, you have the doctor that is hardened from a procedure that didn’t go according to plan and now he carefully calculates everything — even if it means willingly giving up on patients he could have saved. We round out the cast with a third year orthopedic from Busan who lacks experience, but she doesn’t lack in sincerity and depth. There are some characters I’ve left out, but to be fair, there are quite a lot of characters in this drama that I can’t even begin to summarize in this quick overview.

I will also mention the emergency response team who are dealing with the carnage and destruction first hand. It’s tough seeing them trying to help save people from the wreckage when they are essentially without any resources to really aid them. No water, no electricity, no nothing except for their sheer determination and will.

Of course this drama isn’t perfect. Sure, it has it’s shortcomings, but it’s very addicting overall. It’s the kind of story that you want to get together with your fellow drama lovers and discuss just what’s going to happen next. Will Seoul experience aftershocks? What’s going to happen if more of the city is leveled by aftershocks? How will the teams responding to this disaster stand up with mother nature not on their side? There are so many questions that it’s hard to judge where things may go, but I think that’s the beauty of D-Day. It makes you think — no it makes you really think and look at situations in ways that you might not have before.

This drama is licensed on Viki. It was actually licensed fairly late, so the subtitles may not appear with the speed that you’re accustomed to. The team is still recruiting people to subtitle, but you can watch episode 1-5 fully subtitled right now. Episode 6 is stuck at 77% right now, but it’s definitely a watchable number. I’ve watched this entire series raw and then re-watched the episodes multiple times after they were fully subbed. I think that shows just how much I love this drama as I never watch any series raw.

Once I catch up on some other shows and reviews, I will post more about D-Day.

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