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Thai Drama: Ugly Duckling Series ‘Pity Girl’ Episode 5 Review

Well, all things must come to an end. As much as I wish some dramas didn’t end so abruptly, Pity Girl was still an interesting, light story. To read my thoughts on the final episode, click on the link below. I will also be watching Don’t, so stay tuned for more of my thoughts!

We last left off with Alice and Aston ending up locked outside of the hotel — courtesy of Fuyu and his clever scheming to bring the two closer. Alice stays up all night long; she’s terrified of falling asleep and forgetting Aston. It’s tragic and sweet at the same time. Saddened, Alice gives Aston the cold shoulder because he has to return to the US in one week. She doesn’t know to handle Aston leaving, so she just gives him the silent treatment instead. Through this frustrating course of action, Alice just lets her wound fester by ignoring Aston.

Fuyu gives Aston some advise — he needs to reveal the complete truth about Alice’s accident that day. It’s something we’ve seen him wrestle with all series long. Just as Alice doesn’t know how to share her true feelings about Aston leaving, he’s also struggling with how to make his own confession. Eventually, he does tell her the truth. He was walking around in the park and he saw Alice and thought she was cute. He even watched her. He admits to helping her out of guilt, but Alice misunderstands and doesn’t let him finish explaining that he developed feelings for her. Instead, she stalks off and is knocked to the ground by a bicyclist. Say hello to the convenient plot device as Alice falls into a deep sleep and doesn’t wake up.

Eventually, Aston has to return to the US. He pushed off his flight twice, but at the insistence of his parents, he had to leave before Alice woke up. Aston is obviously crushed to leave her, so all he can do is leave her a letter through post its in a book. He is Alice’s post it note, after all.

Alice eventually wakes up not long after Aston left. Miraculously, she remembers everything. Her recovery is pretty smooth. All of her friends and family are at her side, but she’s most disappointed and sad that Aston isn’t there. While it seemed that she was wishy washy about Aston for a good part of the series, the last two episodes do a decent job at building up their romance. Again, I wish we had been given more time to explore their relationship. Aston started out helping Alice due to guilt, but we don’t really have a clear indicator when things started to change for him.

When Aston returns to Thailand, he leaves a trail of post it notes for Alice to follow. Follow through is important to me, so to see the show pay attention to the symbolism of post its is very much appreciated. Alice gets over her initial anger towards Aston for keeping the truth from her. Phew.

While it was sugary sweet, I totally enjoyed the last few minutes we got with Aston and Alice. They suit each other really well. In the end, they were able to move on beyond their shaky beginning. Sure, there wasn’t a kiss, but they were plenty of forehead-to-forehead contact, and I found that just as satisfying.

Final Thoughts:

Fuyu found love! Thank you, drama. Fuyu was one of those characters that helped saved this series from going down the toilet. And guess who he found love with? Alice’s older sister, Bambi!

The ending segued nicely into the next story in the Ugly Duckling Series: Don’t. Here’s to hoping that it’s handled much better than Pity Girl was.

I wanted to love this series — I really did. But I felt it was just lackluster all around. It’s sad because the story sounded really interesting, but there wasn’t enough of story. Five episodes isn’t really enough to make me worship a couple, but it should lay some pretty decent groundwork. At the end of the day, it was too short and abrupt for my taste. Not much happened besides Alice regaining her memories and learning of her true connection with Aston. As much as I love a great, sweet romance in any kind of drama, I do need more. And that’s where Pity Girl fell short. It just wasn’t enough for me.

Our leads had pretty nice chemistry together. I’m mostly excited to see Mouse’s (Aston) future projects. I just really like his acting expressions.

The actress who played Alice wasn’t terrible. No one is perfect. We have to learn from our mistakes. I hope to see more of her in the future once she’s had the ability to hone her acting better. She has potential once she can work on portraying facial emotions accurately. There’s nothing like being thrown out of a moment because a character looks like they’re cracking up when they’re actually really upset.

I wish I could recommend Pity Girl as a great, memorable drama, but I can’t. If you can settle for a cute, sometimes irritating story, it’s not a bad one to binge-watch. It’s a nice alternative from some of the crazy, soap-opera-esque lakorns.

I’ve included a link of the final episode. It wrapped up nicely and wasn’t overly dramatic, so I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who will find it satisfying enough like I did.

Please stay tuned as I’ve already watched episode 1 of Don’t and I’ll be reviewing ASAP. So far, I have much stronger feelings about this series.


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