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An intro and mini-review in one!

Hello, all! I’m Tiffany; please call me “Tiff”. My dear friend, the wonderful Andrea who is the owner of this blog, graciously has asked me to take a break from my anime addiction and help with posting some content on here. I, being the great friend that I am, of course said that I’d be glad to help. LOL.

Okay, serious time now.

I’m going to give you a few thoughts on my K-Drama viewing and then I will give a brief review “You’re All Surrounded”, which I had just finished watching in its entirety this morning.

As I’ve said previously, I’m a big fan of anime so that’s usually what you’ll catch me watching. However, a while back after Andrea had introduced me to “Rooftop Prince” (I think that was the first K-drama I watched…), I was captivated by the way that the story-telling differs from an American show.

The most apparent difference (To me, that is.) is the lack or very minimal amount of sensuality. It’s rather refreshing to be able to watch a show and not have it soured by gratuitous sexual acts. I’m here for the plot, not the plonk. (insert my idiotic laugh)

Another thing I’ve noticed is the plot twist inside of a plot twist wrapped in double-guessing everything and everyone. Just when you’ve thought that you’ve figured it all out, all your conjectures are thrown out the window. I rather enjoy playing detective so I am utterly enthralled the entire time that I’m watching an episode of a show. Mind you, I’ve gotten a headache a few times trying to keep up with the shifting facts but that’s the price to pay when getting too into a show.

And, of course, I can’t leave out about how much the term “K-Drama” truly represents the type of show. *whistles slowly* The drama level is definitely cranked to 11, I tell you. The actors and actresses are absolutely amazing at portraying the various personas and emotions that go along with their characters. They are so expressional about EVERYTHING. I feel as I’m getting a true representation of the character.

I’m probably forgetting a lot of other things that I wanted to say but those are the three main things that come to mind. So, now, without further ado, here is my first review. Please treat me kindly as I’m not the world’s greatest writer. Also, I’m a bit bad with spelling Korean names so I may have misread or misheard them.

Spoilers warning!

Mini-review of “You’re All Surrounded”:

A commonly said phrase comes to mind when I think of this show. To paraphrase – “Most crimes are committed either because of love or money.” In this case, it was definitely because of the love for money. You don’t find that out until much, much later in the show. I admit, I was very fooled by the motive. Thumbs up to the writers!

The show centralizes around an unsolved murder taking place 11 years prior to the current storyline –  a school nurse, Kim Hwa Young, was murdered while her young son, Kim Ji Yong, helplessly watched from underneath a bed. The killer, nicknamed “Boots”, was searching for a lost pendant but he didn’t find it. Unbeknownst to him, the murdered woman’s son had picked it up outside of their home. The pendant goes through various stages of being lost and found throughout the show.

At the beginning of the show, we are to believe that the nurse’s death is what they call a “retaliation murder”. She was supposed to testify against a company president in connection with a young girl’s murder. The nurse was threatened that her son would be in danger if she took the stand. The police detective on the case, Seo Pan Seok, had promised her protection if she testified. Obviously, he failed.

The nurse’s son, in a fit of anger, ran away to his school and was nearly killed by “Boots” (real name: Jo Hyung Chul. He used to be a police officer that worked with Seo Pan Seok) but he managed to escape after splashing caustic chemicals onto the killer’s face. After that, Kim Ji Yong disappeared from the village, Masan. He is believed to have been killed by many of the residents.

However, Kim Ji Yong is alive and well. He had changed his name to Eun Dae Gu and now is a rookie police detective at the Gangnam District police station in Seoul. He is joined by three other rookies and this is where the “fun” begins.

The first rookie is Ji Gook. He’s quirky and a bit ridiculous. He wanted to work in the Traffic division. He develops a crush on Eo Soo Sun.

The second rookie is Park Tae Il. He is considered a cool character and popular with the ladies. He originally was studying to become a doctor but after the death of his older brother, he decided to quit his training and became a detective, which was his brother’s dream. He and Ji Gook are partners.

The other rookie is Eo Soo Sun. She is the only female on their team. She is also from Masan. Eleven years ago, Ji Yong and her didn’t get along at first but they had started to warm up to one another shortly before Kim Hwa Young’s death. She does not recognize Eun Dae Gu as Kim Ji Yong until later in the series. Eo Soo Sun is impulsive and very quick to temper. She also cares a lot about the people in their cases; this causes her to get into trouble on multiple occasions. She is partnered with Eun Dae Gu.

Their team captain is none other than Seo Pan Seok. Eun Dae Gu is visibly hostile to him, which leads Team Leader Seo to investigate him and thus he figures out that the missing Kim Ji Yong is still alive. Throughout the series, he and Eun Dae Gu clash with one another, sometimes verbally and even going as far as to fight physically.

A lot of growth occurs for the rookie detectives as they learn what police work really is and how much the law is lacking in some areas. Their lives also are impacted by being kidnapped, assaulted, family issues, personal betrayals, and other difficult situations. They get through it only by relying on one another.

As we further get into the story, we are then lead to believe that Ji Yong’s mother was killed by Jo Hyung Chul because she had Ji Yong with the son-in-law of prominent Assemblyman Yoo Moon Bae. Yoo Moon Bae’s daughter, Yoo Ae Yeon, is then revealed to be the first attacker because she believed that Ji Yong is her husband’s illegitimate child. But, lo and behold, that’s not the whole truth!

Greed. Greed for money. That’s the real motive. Yoo Moon Bae’s wife didn’t leave him a penny when she passed away. His daughter was given it. In order for his daughter to give him the money that he coveted so much, he falsified a DNA test that stated that Ji Yong is the biological child of her husband and Kim Hwa Young. This caused Ae Yeon to kill Kim Hwa Young in a fit of jealousy. In order to cover it up, Jo Hyung Chul was sent to Kim Hwa Young’s house. He also was supposed to find the pendant, which Ae Yeon lost when fleeing the scene of the crime.

More happens afterwards but I’m going to stop at this point. I did gloss over a lot of details because the plot is like a big web that has threads weaved all over the place. Plus, I don’t want to give away everything since I would like you to watch it and see for yourself. This is one of those series that you really do need to view in order to get the whole experience.

Thoughts on the show: Although there are a lot of serious moments throughout the series, there were also some very hilarious parts. Things the characters would say, funny facial expressions, and situations that you end up bursting with laughter. They are a welcome balance to the plot.

Parting words on the show: house rabbit. (You have to watch in order to get the reference.)

This has been your guest writer (I could be promoted if I watch and write more, lol), I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading my post and please have a wonderful day!


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