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Thai Drama: Ugly Duckling Series ‘Pity Girl’ Episode 4 Review

This week on Pity Girl, we finally see where Alice stands with Fuyu and Aston. To read all the juicy details, click on the link below.

The gang gets some much needed R&R (rest and relaxation) at the beach. If you remember earlier, Aston asked Alice what she wanted if she passed the test, and she wanted to go to the beach. True to his word, the gang spend the day together at the beach — laughing and playing around. Unfortunately, jealousy the monster rears its ugly head, and things take a rocky turn until the cousins, Fuyu and Aston, call a truce. Thank goodness I didn’t have to watch them battle it out, with tears and bloodshed, over Alice. This story is simply too short to even go there and it’s such an unnecessary complication.

If you don’t feel an iota of sympathy for Fuyu this week, I’d say you have no heart. While I never had shippy vibes with Alice and Fuyu together, I can admit that they wouldn’t be a bad match. The problem is that Alice doesn’t see Fuyu romantically. He’s her hero, her rock, and above all else: her friend. She sees him as a big brother and protector – not as a romantic partner. It’s a huge blow to the easy going Fuyu, but amazingly he takes it all in stride.

Fuyu even advises Aston to confess to Alice to see where she stands with him. Even while he’s hurting, he’s still rooting for Aston to succeed where he failed. It’s at this point that I desperately want Fuyu to find happiness. With only one more episode to go, I don’t have high hopes of him moving on and finding someone new he likes, but I hope it’s a possibility. He’s so bright, sunny, and full of energy that I think he needs a calmer and more serious partner to help provide some balance to his extreme personality.

As for Aston and Alice, we finally see some progress. Hallelujah! They spend the evening together, walking around, talking, sharing a drink, and even wearing couple t-shirts. It’s the cutest unofficial date ever and I can’t get enough of these two. Later, when they attempt to return back to the hotel, they’re locked out courtesy of Fuyu, so Alice and Aston spend the night talking… rather cozily I may add.

Aston takes the golden opportunity to finally confess how he feels about Alice. He tries to find out where she stands, but she dodges the question every time. Although, Alice doesn’t say she “dislikes” him, her adorable shyness gives her away — even more so when she confesses that she doesn’t want to fall asleep because then she’ll forget. And, just like I hoped, Aston promises to remind her every single day who he is and how he feels about her. Aww, talk about love!

The unfortunate elephant in the room is Aston’s past. He is the reason that Alice fell out of tree and he’s going to have to fess up if he stands a chance. Once her memories return, she’s going to know what happened, and it’s going to look better if he clears the air. Unfortunately, there is another elephant in the room because Aston has to return to the US in a week. Why, drama, why? You just had to ship off Aston when real progress was happening. Pfft.

Final Thoughts: Honestly, I wasn’t sure how to feel about the actress playing Alice, but I think she’s improving. It feels like she’s finally growing into her character. As an added bonus, there’s no dreadful cry-laughing, so that’s a huge positive. I think she has a long way to go, but I don’t find her quite as irritating these days. Besides Aston and Alice and the occasional awesomeness of Fuyu, I feel that this series just doesn’t have much charm to it. At times, it feels like it’s missing something, but I can’t put my finger on what that is.


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