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Thai Drama: Ugly Duckling Series ‘Pity Girl’ First Impressions [Ep 1-3]

aston and alice

After watching the brilliance that was Perfect Match, I wondered if it was possible to top the way that series made me feel. While the verdict is still out on Pity Girl, I feel it has potential to be a pretty decent series, but if you try to compare it with Perfect Match, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

What I like:

Alice, our main character and resident ugly duckling, is tall and awkward. She has a fondness for photography, maybe too much fondness as she ends up falling out of a tree and losing her memories. She keeps a journal around her neck that she writes in daily — mostly things she doesn’t want to forget or things that have upset her. And despite losing memories, we see how nice and gentle of a person Alice is by the things she writes about her classmates. It’s too bad that she has to deal with her ridiculous ex and his snobby, mean girlfriend.

Fuyu, who? I’m totally on team Aston here. Just how awesome and sweet is this guy? He devotes himself as Alice’s personal “Post It Note.” He doesn’t treat Alice any differently because of her condition, and I really appreciate that and respect that when it comes to his character. Aston pushes her to be stronger, to be smarter, to put forth her best efforts. His determination to help Alice might be fueled by his own guilt, but this is a genuine guy. He’s not the outspoken bad boy. He’s not riddled with mommy and daddy issues. Aston’s surprisingly normal and it’s just so refreshing to seeing this kind of male lead.

Okay, so Fuyu has moments of awesomeness. He has a way of making Alice feel comfortable and at ease. He’s always joking and smiling, which I think is an equally good approach to helping Alice. Although, I don’t think he likes Alice romantically. Of course he could like her, but their interactions feel strictly platonic. So, based on the preview for episode 4, I’m shocked that he confesses to Alice that he likes her. Oh, Fuyu, just what are you up to?

Mouse Natcha Jantapan as Aston.

What I don’t like:

The crying. Oh lord. Can we just talk about the horrific sounds that comes out of Alice’s mouth when she cries? I know crying isn’t a pretty thing, but when I’m wincing and at the point of muting the volume, it’s not a good thing. There is also another minor but distracting gripe. The actress who plays Alice looks like she’s laughing instead of crying every, single time. And, for me, that really pulls me out of scenes I should feel an emotional attachment too. I don’t know if they were going for the hysterical crying that looks like laughing, but it can be pretty distracting at times. Luckily, by episode 3, the crying is cut down significantly.

Other than that, I don’t have anything to critique. I like the series enough that one episode a week is not enough, so I do feel the pull to keep watching. It can’t be compared to Perfect Match, though. That set the bar so high that I doubt any of the remaining stories could be as awesome as that one was. None the less, Pity Girl has its merits. The story is good, the characters are likable, and even though the acting may be sub par at best at times, I still think about Pity Girl long after an episode has finished, so this isn’t a hopeless series. If you can get beyond the crying, there’s a lot of great material present in this series.

Shameless plug: Aston is pretty nice to look at.

Interesting fact: While Aston (Mouse Natcha Jantapan) and Fuyu (Nicky Natchat Jantapan) play cousins in the series, they are actually brothers in real life. I wondered if they were related because I see a lot of facial similarities between them.

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