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Filipino Drama: ‘On the Wings of Love’ Episode 1-15 Thoughts

Time is definitely not on my side these days, but I make it mandatory that I unwind after work with an episode or two of some kind of drama. It’s the ultimate stress reliever, trust me. That said, this is a first for me. Yep, you’ve heard that right. This is my very first Filipino drama, and like anything new (of the Asian variety) that I discover, I can’t help but hash out all of my feels with those of you who get it.

If you haven’t watched any of this series yet, please remember that if you read beyond this point, you will definitely encounter some spoilers. It’s been a hectic week so I apologize that some of my thoughts aren’t very well put together. This week I will be able to watch the episodes as they air because I recently purchased a premium subscription at TFC. The price was a little steep, but I can watch the series in HD and with English subtitles, so it feels like it was well worth it. Plus, I can post more regularly about the series now.

Since I don’t have time to do recaps as I’ve just caught up, here is a synopsis of my thoughts on the first 15 episodes.

On The Wings of Love is the story of Leah Olivar (Nadine Lustre) and Clark Medina (James Reid) who meet by coincidence. They meet in San Francisco just as Leah’s arrived from the Philippines with her choir group. What starts as a coincidental meeting turns into a series of meetings and misunderstandings. It’s instant disdain for the other. Just when you think that’s all that’s ever going to amount to that, both Leah and Clark find themselves in some pretty dire straights. Leah’s visa is about to expire; Clark owes money to a loan shark.

Due to their pressing circumstances, the two enter into a marriage of convenience at the insistent of Tita Jack, who just so happens to be Clark’s aunt and Jigs’ mother. Tita Jack is also the person who has helped Leah as she’s decided to stay in America and bring her dead mother’s dream to life.

Clark desperately needs money and Leah doesn’t want to be deported. Time is of the essence and they will have to put their differences aside to make things work. As if the marriage of convenience isn’t enough, Leah and Clark both have strong personalities and they often clash with each other. Can they fool immigration? Will true feelings develop between these tough, spirited people? Will Jigs ever make it to San Francisco? Will Clark and Leah get the opportunity to reunite with their family?

I’m only three weeks into this series, and from what I understand, these dramas have lots of episodes, so I’m just going to sit back and enjoy whatever we get. Thankfully, this is nothing like a soap opera, which I despise with a burning passion, so On the Wings of Love has already soared even higher on my “love-o-meter” for that reason.

Additional Thoughts:

I really like the set up of this series. Our leads don’t even meet until the end of the first episode, which is refreshing. It gives us time to familiarize ourselves with each character and how they interact with the people in their lives and also their surroundings.

Leah is exactly the kind of female lead I like to see. She’s tough, genuine, hard-working, and honest to a fault. Once she has an idea in her head, she plans to see it through until the really end. Leah is also a very hopeful and optimistic person while managing to be realistic to her means. She initially struggles to find any common ground with Clark, but she genuinely develops feelings for him. Of course she seems him as a friend, but it’s a great leap in this series. With immigration worries keeping them on the constant defense, I honestly can’t wait to see how things develop between these two.

Clark, in many ways, seems like the typical jerk, but the beauty of this series is that we know it’s not true. When Clark was still in the Philippines as a child, he was the one with the “big heart” that returned Leah’s dove to her. He’s tries to be rude and indifferent; he talks the talk but he doesn’t really walk the walk. And when I say that, I mean that Clark isn’t as tough and cruel as he tries to be. He also has an unending love for his family, and despite losing his mother and having a father that doesn’t accept his son, Clark does really well. Who knew that he was homeless after his mother died? Who knew that his foster life was a living hell that he left one night and walked and walked until he got back to San Francisco with Tita Jack, who was an illegal immigrant at the time.

Can I just say that Nadine and James have a really nice, natural chemistry? I recently watched the movie Diary of an Ugly, and while it was cute, it has nothing on their chemistry in On the Wings of Love. Holy hotness, my face was on fire and my heart was beating a mile a minute when they were both in bed and they kept stealing glances at the other with silly little smiles on their faces. Bickering aside, Clark and Leah are so freaking cute and precious. When they connect, they really connect. They are so much alike, and I’m just loving life and enjoying as they continue to learn more about each other.

A few more things:

Jigs is one irritating, selfish character. The eternal optimist in me wants wants to remain hopeful that he’s not all that bad, but I’m not convinced just yet. One episode in and he gives Leah an ultimatum. Okay, so while I can understand that he didn’t want his girl to go the US, it was very childish that he threatened to break up with her. Oh, Jigs. It’s no wonder she went running for the US. I think Jigs and Leah like each other, but they’re not “in like” with each other. Leah even tells Jigs that she just sees him as a friend in episode 15, and while he didn’t flip his lid at that moment, I feel it’s going to happen soon.

Furthermore, while he pouts over Leah being gone, the guy doesn’t even man up and do anything. For the love of all things, if you love her Jigs, then do all you can to get to get to the US. I admit that I feel sorry for him now that Clark and Leah are growing closer, but this guy has a lot of growing up to do. Does he love the idea of Leah or is he in love with her? I think that’s an important distinction I’d like to see clarified soon because I can’t stand the thoughts of a love triangle between cousins. Sure, Clark says that Jigs is acting that way because he loves her, but I’m not sure.

On another note, I’m scared for Leah’s dad. I hope they can raise money and get him healthy again before something bad happens to it. It kills me that Leah has no idea what’s going on.