Thai Drama: Ugly Duckling Series “Perfect Match”

I am always poking around the internet and looking for new things to watch. To my chagrin, I stumbled across a new Thai series called Ugly Duckling. It will be a total of four different stories that each span 9 episodes, so if you’re looking for a weekend binge-watch for something that isn’t too soapy (as in soap opera), you’ve found the right series.

Perfect Match, the first part of the series, is the story of Junior aka Joo who is wealthy . When her so-called friends and boyfriend tell her that she has chubby cheeks one day, she becomes very self-conscious and decides to get a thread lift done. Unfortunately, her skin has a terrible reaction to the chemicals and her face breaks out in all kinds of acne.

Junior is so embarrassed that she begs her mother to let her study at a school in the countryside. There is also a doctor nearby that can give her treatments to help clear up her face. It is at this school in the countryside that her entire life changes, and a huge part of that is thanks to the sweet, hard-working poor Seua who is always by Joo’s side.

Thanks to GMM TV, you can legally watch the first story, Perfect Match, in entirety with English subs on youtube. I’ve added the first episode below for easy finding.

I will be re-watching and working on a single review for this series, so you can keep an eye on the blog if you’re curious about my thoughts.