10 More Reasons Why You Should Be Watching ‘I Remember You’


Last night, I Remember You’s sixteen episode season, sadly, came to an end. While I’m mourning the loss of yet another Seo In Guk drama, I thought the best way to combat my feelings was to whip up another ‘1o Reasons’ post. I enjoyed this drama from beginning to end, so I hope that if you weren’t convinced by the original 10 Reasons list, that you’ll give the show deeper consideration after reading this one.

11. I’ve mentioned it before, but the acting in this drama is no joke. Specificially, the child actors of Lee Hyun and Min are astoundingly good and believable. The better part? These boys play siblings in the drama, but outside of I Remember You, they really are siblings in real life.

12. The ending. Oh man, I was actually shocked by the ending because so much went in a direction that I wasn’t even expecting. I don’t want to blurt out spoilers, but this was a pretty mellow finale that left a few doors wide open.

13. Dramas stand out when they actually have very solid, meaningful messages. And this drama, especially at the end, hones in on a message that was stressed throughout the series. If you like to come out of drama feeling like it’s really made you think or helped shape and/or change your perspective, this is an excellent place to start.

14. No messy love triangles or squares. Seriously, this can feel like a rarity in k-drama land sometimes, but it’s a pleasant surprise to avoid that entire story line and all the drama that ensues from characters fighting over each other.

15. A bromance that will melt and most likely conflict your heart with a million and one different emotions. Yes, this drama has an excellent bromance that doesn’t come into fruition until later in the series. Nonetheless, it will captivate you. I sobbed so much in the last three episodes because it was executed so freaking well. All the awards to the actors for selling the bromance so well.

16. If you’ve ever been in the boat where you need a second season of a drama, this drama will surely prompt those feelings. Even if everything had been wrapped up neatly in a bow, I think I’d need more just to see how all of the characters relationships have continued to develop.

17. Ratings are not everything. From my understanding, this drama didn’t perform well in Korea, but if you watch it, you’ll be just as baffled as I am. Everything about this series is excellent. It’s not one that I’ll easily forget, and that’s not exactly something I can say about a lot of dramas.

18. Who doesn’t love a well-rounded drama where everything comes full circle? Our characters have been on quite the journey and it was especially gratifying to see how everything weaved together. The little attention to details really made me appreciate this series even more.

19. The production value. I’m not sure if this drama was expensive to produce or not, but it never skimped in quality. I really loved the scenery and settings. Nothing about this drama feels fake or cheap. And even the pacing was even and steady.

20. I Remember You was a wrecking ball of emotions from the get-go. Who to love? Who to trust? Who to hate? Who to feel sorry for? Who to root for? Emotionally, this isn’t an easy drama to digest. There is a lot of death and murdering going on, so you can imagine the darker tone that this series adopts. That said, this drama was able to stir up so many emotions for me. It unexpectedly crept up on me in a way that I wasn’t expecting. I only started this drama because of my soft spot for Seo In Guk, but he’s not the only one who will blow you away.

21. As a surprise bonus, I couldn’t leave this person off the list. Guys, D.O. from EXO is fabulous in this drama! Holy canoli, the intensity that he put into this role literally gave me goosebumps every single time that he was on screen. My only complaint was that there was not nearly enough of him as he was only in flashbacks.

And there you have. 10 more reason why you should be watching I Remember You. I know it’s not terribly specific, but I didn’t want to blurt out specific spoilers and ruin the watching experience. Right now, you can watch I Remember You on Viki. All sixteen episodes are fully subbed in English and are ready to go, so really… there are no excuses to keep you from watching.

Get your binge-watch on and fall in love with the drama. I don’t think you’ll regret it. I surely didn’t.




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