Drama Roundup: Get Your Binge Watch On

It’s the middle of summer here in the US, which means it’s a great time to binge-watch some dramas on those sticky, unbearably hot nights. If you don’t live somewhere that you can beat the heat (like me), it’s the perfect chance to have a quiet, sweat-free weekend with your A/C on full blast as you marathon a new drama.

Some of my selections have wrapped up recently while others have been completed months ago. Nonetheless, these dramas are the best (in my opinion) of what I’ve personally watched. I am very behind in drama watching lately, so I might continue with a part two in the coming weeks.

1. Warm and Cozy (aka Jeju Island Gatsby): To me, this show is the epitome of “warm and cozy” because it takes place on Jeju Island. Busy working this summer? Don’t have any time or the ability to take a vacation this summer? It’s okay. You can live vicariously through Warm and Cozy like I have. It’s chock full of fun and quirky characters, plot devices are kept to a minimum, and there’s a sweet romance simmering in the background. Perfect drama if you’re looking for a little weight to the story but nothing too crazy or obscure.

2.  Sensory Couple (aka The Girl Who Sees Smells): It’s been a couple of months since this drama wrapped up, but I can’t help but mention it. This drama had it all. Humor. Grittiness. Mystery. Romance. It also has the very attractive Nam Goong Min. If you don’t take my word for it, wait until you see his abs of steel. Just you wait.

3. Who Are You: School 2015: Admittedly, this drama had its ups and downs, but Kim So Hyun was a scene stealer. She’s a brilliant young actress and one that I recommend that everyone keep an eye on. I remember her in every role, no matter how small her appearance is. As a bonus, this drama also stars Nam Joo Hyuk (Big aka Daebak from Surplus Princess!) and Yook Sung Jae (member of boy band BtoB and currently on We Got Married 4). Note: This drama really brought a shipper war to life, so prepare for the possibility of being torn and conflicted fellow drama lovers. 

4. Falling For Innocence: I couldn’t leave this list vacant of a workplace romance. The only thing that I advise is to keep the tissues handy because this drama will tug at every, last heart string. Jung Kyung Ho was utter perfection in this drama, and I will recommend this one to the moon and back. Great story, touching characters, and a romance that will melt your heart.


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