K-Drama Recommendation: ‘I Remember You’

Seo In Guk slays as per usual. His performance in 'I Remember You' is aces. And when you add in our adorable Park Bo Gum (who I affectionately call Bubblegum, you can't go wrong. What are you waiting for? And if the charming Seo In Guk isn't enough, there's the mystery and criminal element that will tingle your detective spidey senses.

K-Drama Recommendation: 'I Remember You'

K-Drama Recommendation: ‘I Remember You’

Dear readers and fellow drama lovers,

Can I start out by saying how addicted I am to this drama? I keep thinking of Seo In Guk as the adorable hockey player from King of High School who plays double duty as his older brother at an office, but I Remember You actually makes me feel like I’m watching him act for the very first time.

I don’t mean that his acting is poor; I simply mean that Seo In Guk has shown such a great ability here that I don’t even think of his previous dramas when I watch him on the screen. Half the time I forget that it’s actually Seo In Guk — that’s how immersed in the story I become. There is so much rich depth to his character that it’s really hard not to be enamored by him.

So, without dropping spoilers, I will just recommend this drama. I Remember You is dark, gritty, and has an intense psychological thriller aspect to it. It’s the kind of drama that gives you tiny bread crumbs that keep you wondering how everything could possibly fit together. Is everyone who you think they are? Who can you trust? It prompts so many questions that I’m often left waiting for the inevitable plot twists.

So, if you like your dramas light on the fluff, you just might be onto something with I Remember You. I had my reservations as I have very selective taste with darker dramas, but I’m on my edge of my seat in anticipation. Two episodes a week isn’t even enough for me. I’m not sure how the native ratings for this show are performing, but it’s just really well done, and I think it deserves some much needed recognition.

You can easily draw some similarities between I Remember You and You’re All Surrounded, but I’m only making that connection to point out that both shows do have some similar themes and set ups. If you’ve watched You’re All Surrounded, it’s hard not to subconsciously make the connections, but I will say that enough of the story seems different enough for I Remember You to stand on its own.

So far, eight episodes have aired and you can watch all of them at This is a perfect opportunity to have a weekend marathon and catch up. And, even if you’re up to date, it’s an even better opportunity to re-watch some episodes and try to play detective and piece things together just like these characters.

If you love Seo In Guk as much as I do, please feel free to comb through some of my other posts regarding his dramas.



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