An Annoucement

Needless to say, I’ve had a very difficult month. I learned that my grandfather has prostrate cancer, so k-dramas took the back-burner for a bit. The good news is that they caught it early, so his percentage is 83% survival rate right now. That said, it’s going to be a difficult couple of months with the chemo and radiation treatments. I will do my best in the next week or so to get in a few reviews for Producer, but I unfortunately can’t do them with the attention and time that I normally would. This is not my first rodeo with cancer as my grandmother is a lung cancer survivor. Her prognosis was very grim, but she’s been in remission since 2009, so I’m trying to power through this difficult time with as much positivity¬†and strength that I can muster.

I am starting a couple of new k-dramas, so I hope to dive back into this blog. Again, I apologize that things have been so delayed on my end. I have not been in the right head space to do¬†reviews and it’s very important that I do Producer justice.

Thanks, everyone!