An Annoucement

Needless to say, I’ve had a very difficult month. I learned that my grandfather has prostrate cancer, so k-dramas took the back-burner for a bit. The good news is that they caught it early, so his percentage is 83% survival rate right now. That said, it’s going to be a difficult couple of months with the chemo and radiation treatments. I will do my best in the next week or so to get in a few reviews for Producer, but I unfortunately can’t do them with the attention and time that I normally would. This is not my first rodeo with cancer as my grandmother is a lung cancer survivor. Her prognosis was very grim, but she’s been in remission since 2009, so I’m trying to power through this difficult time with as much positivity and strength that I can muster.

I am starting a couple of new k-dramas, so I hope to dive back into this blog. Again, I apologize that things have been so delayed on my end. I have not been in the right head space to do reviews and it’s very important that I do Producer justice.

Thanks, everyone!

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