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Producer: Episode 3 Review

Welcome to my episode 3 of Producer recap. I must say, I feel that the direction has tightened up and feels less fragmented. Please keep in mind that I am a lover of Korean variety shows, but I don’t have as much experience with them as most, so I’m still warming up to the overall style and direction.

Episode 3: Unintentional Chicken Instead of a Peacock


Seung Chan’s fear of Joon Mo and Je Yin is rooted so deeply in his subconscious that he falls asleep (while researching variety shows on his laptop) and ends up having a pretty terrifying dream—for him at least. He dreams of being on a popular show, awkwardly confessing why he doesn’t want to go to work because he thinks Joon Mo is being a two-timer, but it’s just that much sadder because Seung Chan is so oblivious to what’s actually going on around him. (He’s oblivious that Joon Mo broke up with Hae Joo in the first place; he’s also misinterpreting the living arrangement with Joon Mo and Je Yin.)


The show seems to be doing well until the hosts announce that Joon Mo and Je Yin are in the studio audience.


Seung Chan is screwed as Je Yin and Joon Mo, in predictable fashion, exclaim that they’re going to kill him.


Thankfully, as stated before, this is just a terrible dream that Seung Chan wakes up from. Then, his little sister barges into his room and asks him to give BamBam a present from her. Poor Seung Chan. The reasons of not wanting to go to work are starting to seriously pile up. Aigoo.



Angry and frustrated, Seung Chan shows up at Joon Mo’s apartment and decides to be a milk thief. Naturally, because they are two bottles, he assumes that Joon Mo and Ye Jin are romantic and living together. (Well, he’s technically right on the “living together” part.) This only adds to his anger as he believes that Joon Mo and Hae Jin are still dating. Oh sweet, clueless, passive-aggressive but honorable Seung Chan.

Once he’s had some time to reflect on his actions, in his haste, he realizes that he’s said a lot of things he shouldn’t. It just so happens that these things were caught on camera. When he asks the cameraman if he can edit out that footage, Seung Chan gets scolded.



After leaving his apartment, Seung Chan recants to the cameraman what he’ll be doing at the office today.

They will be working on determining a new concept and the new cast. He explains that there isn’t much time. They have a week. He drops a weird phrase saying that it was be quicker/easier to catch a chicken instead of a peacock. I’m not really familiar with this phrase, but since peacocks run pretty fast, I’m assuming that chickens are easier to catch and they won’t waste as much time. elaborate on this!



At Joon Mo’s, he and Ye Jin are having breakfast. Like usual, JM basically has verbal diarrhea when trying to compliment YJ’s strengths, but she misinterprets it as him being a jerk. It doesn’t take much to ruffle YJ’s feathers. Ye Jin circles back to talking about Hae Joo, and it’s blatantly obvious that she is showing some real signs of jealousy right now. Could it be that she’s warming up to our Joon Mo?


There’s a cute little flashback sequence where we see that Joon Mo is always at Ye Jin’s rescue from a relationship gone awry. He takes her crying calls in the middle of the night, he gives her piggy backs when she’s drunk… I mean, how adorable are they?


He even listens to her as she wails that she’s the type of person that people get sick of, and Joon Mo insists that it isn’t true because he’s been a constant in her life for 25 years. I was really hoping I’d feel the shippy vibes with these two before the drama even started, and I’m thrilled to report that that’s the case here. I really start to look forward to their scenes. They really have the makings of a quality k-drama couple.



The 2 days, 1 night team gather to rack their brains for concepts and stars to cast. Unfortunately, it seems they’re having crap luck at getting anyone to come on their show because many of the actors/actresses have beef with each other and don’t want to act together. And with dismal ratings up until this point, who could blame them? They can’t pay the appearance fee and no one wants to agree. Then, when actors back out, other actors back out. It becomes a mess where they don’t have anyone ready to commit.


Joon Mo gets the stink eye from Seung Chan because he’s good at dating. And we all know what Seung Chan is thinking… that JM is a cheating scumbag. LOL!

Joon Mo decides to put Seung Chan on the spot about coming up with an idea.


Seung Chan has an idea. He’s been researching the history of variety television, and based on the trends and statistics over the years, he believes that a matchmaking concept would be a great idea. The group makes cracks about him being a historian. Even Joon Mo writes his idea off as being awful. But Seung Chan has to have a point, right? It would majorly suck if he spent all those hours watching variety shows (and researching them) only to find out that he really knows nothing.

When Seung Chan talks about variety shows, he really sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. It’s really cool to see him get excited and passionate about something that isn’t related to Hae Joo’s lovelife.



Later, while driving, Ye Jin sees couples close together on the streets, and while she tries to play it off well, you can tell that she’s lonely and craving the closeness that comes with a relationship.


She quickly slips back to a memory from 2009. She’s begging JM to go see the cherry blossoms with her as it’s going to rain the next day and they’ll be ruined, but he’s so engrossed with editing video footage, that the chance is lost. He tells her there will always be next year because they bloom every year.


We see yet another memory – this time from 2013. Once again, she’s begging JM to see the cherry blossoms, but he’s knee-deep in work and makes the off handed comment about them seeing the cherry blossoms last year. Sorry, buddy. You’re a habitual offender.


In a memory from 2014, he tries to get out of seeing the cherry blossoms. His solution? Karaoke and singing her “cherry blossom.” Sadly, JM doesn’t see the point of going to look at the cherry blossoms. The sad part is that it’s something Ye Jin really wants to do.



Seung Chan does what he’s told, exactly. He’s erasing the tapes he was told, but not the way that was intended. It’s really funny and cute when Ye Jin finds him and explains that he needs to erase the contents of the tapes by using the tape eraser, which uses a magnetic field to instantly erase the contents.


She then tells him that he’s done a really good job with the white out. LOL. Seung Chan is so embarrassed that he asks her to keep the incident a secret.


Joon Mo, while talking with Tae Ho who is financially struggling due to his daughter’s education, suggests that she should become an idol trainee because they fully pay for schooling.



While having a meeting over concepts with the entertainment director, Joon Mo and Tae Ho secretly think the matchmaking concept is horrific. It turns out that the entertainment director, Seo Gi Chul, previously had popular variety shows with a matchmaking theme.

He thinks it’s a great idea and Joon Mo and Tae Ho quickly change their tune and agree.


Meanwhile, Tae Ho is following Joon Mo’s advice about idol trainees. He is meeting with entertainment companies trying to get his daughter signed with them, but once they take one look at the photo, they instantly say no.



Later that night, Cindy is in her van with her manager and she’s reading comments that anti-fans have posted online. She tries to sound cool and unaffected, but the fact that she’s reading the comments shows that these comments matter to her.



At the office, the 2 Days, 1 Night team are working hard to bring their matchmaking concept to life. Joon Mo’s proposal sounds exactly what Seung Chan suggested earlier in the day. LOL! He pretends that he liked the idea all along and wasn’t trying to degrade SC’s college education.



Ye Jin is obviously thinking about Joon Mo. She’s home alone, constantly checking her phone, and when she hears someone coming into the house, she jumps up. But it’s not Joon Mo. It’s just her younger brother. He makes the comment about who’s calling is she waiting for because she keeps checking her phone. He digs up the info that she has tried to call JM numerous times, but his phone is off.

He also attempts to give her dating advice. Omo.



Meanwhile, Cindy is at home and is looking up all the comments/posted by her anti-fans. Apparently, two more anti-fan groups have emerged. I don’t know about anyone else, but this just made me feel so sad. Idols and celebrities have it tough. Even Cindy isn’t void from being affected.

She registers for an anti-fan group and makes a rude post about herself. I’m really curious to understand her motives for doing this. What does she want to get out of it? What is she trying to do? Or is this her method of coping with the entire situation?


Seung Chan sends her a text. She’s determined to believe that he’s just hitting on her, but she’s quickly surprised to learn that he just really wants her to return that darn umbrella already. His personality and actions are so consistent that I’m really, really, really loving his character.


Hani, who is supposed to be the biggest attraction on 2 Days, 1 Night ends up getting into a scandal, and they can no longer have her on the show. They scramble together trying to figure out who they can get to replace her.

Seung Chan suggests getting Cindy. Then, he puts in the position where he has to contact her and ask if she’d like to replace Hani. Joon Mo makes the promise that he’ll do anything SC wants if he can get Cindy.



While Joon Mo is busy trying to secure Suzy from JYP, where he’s being duped, Seung Chan shows up at Cindy’s company.



Seung Chan explains that he came over the umbrella, and he also suggests that he has something else he would like to discuss with her. Knowing what we know about Cindy up until this point, I figured she would have told him no flat out, but that’s not the case here. She’s genuinely curious and listens as he explains 2 Days, 1 Night’s current situation and that they could use her to replace Hani.

She thinks that Seung Chan is the PD that bought her food in the last episode, but even when she finds out from her manager that it was Joon Mo, she’s still quite pleasant — even when he won’t share the hotteok with her. LOL!


Cindy wants to know what she’ll get out of joining the show since they need her.

In typical Seung Chan fashion, he’s well prepared. He explains that many celebrities have gone on to be top stars after appearing on variety shows. He cites a whole bunch of references and makes a convincing argument.

Unfortunately, the CEO of Byun Entertainment, sees Cindy’s manager standing outside the door, and she realizes that something is going on. She is very against Cindy joining a variety show, but Cindy actually seems slightly interested in doing it. The CEO ends up calling Joon Mo, and it looks like Seung Chan is gonna have some explaining to do, especially because he just made him leave a meeting with JYP. Oops.



Joon Mo is pissed, but he wants to go out to eat and drink. Unfortunately, Seung Chan can’t hold his alcohol, and he gets drunk pretty quickly. It’s always so awkward watching people who can’t drink… well, drink.


Cindy decides to do research on her own. She asks what it means if Seung Chan only wants her to return the umbrella. She gets mixed reactions, so of course nothing conclusive is determined, anyway.



Still having the hotteok, Seung Chan, inebriated, decides that it’s the opportune time to give it to Ye Jin. He arrives at her place and promptly passes out and falls into her arms.

And that’s a wrap.

Other thoughts:

Poor Seung Chan. The guy can’t hold his alcohol, and even after telling Joon Mo this, he still coaxes him into drinking. I know that Joon Mo is Seung Chan’s sunbae (superior), but I also hope he finds a balance someday and doesn’t succumb to doing what everyone else thinks he should be doing. You have a voice, Seung Chan! Use it. Although, I do understand and sympathize with his situation as there really isn’t a lot he can do without rocking the boat. Surprisingly, it seems he’s more willing to be himself, so to speak, when he’s talking to Cindy. She has quite a tough exterior, but compared to Je Yin and Joon Mo, Seung Chan seems a bit less petrified — maybe because Cindy is his age and not his sunbae?

I think this episode did a great job of showing that Ye Jin does like Joon Mo, but he’s freaking clueless to her feelings. I wonder if this will transform into anything at all as this episode really played up the potential between them.

I’m growing more curious about Cindy. They’re really starting to humanize her, and it’s easier to empathize with her, even when she’s being frigid. Also, her curiosity over Seung Chan is really fun to watch unfold. I’m not sure if they’ll be stranded in friend zone or not, but regardless, I’m extremely excited to see where their interactions lead.

Notes: As these episodes are long, there are some scenes I didn’t review at all for the sake of this turning into a very massive post. I originally had 100 or so screencaps, but I had to cut out some parts. Please keep in mind that if I continue to do reviews in this detail, it will take me some time. It took much a collective six hours to put this together — between watching, screencapping, editing the images, uploading the images, formatting this post, and then including my commentary. I try to put my best effort into these reviews, so please be patient if I fall a little behind. Work takes up most of my time, and what little free time I have left, I try to balance it between watching dramas and keeping this site updated. I promise to work very hard and try to catch up with the episode 5 and 6 sometime during the upcoming week. Thanks, everyone! Fighting! 


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