9 New K-Drama Additions on Netflix


Do you hear that fellow readers? That’s the sound of me shouting from the rooftop how thrilled I am with Netflix right now. Quick, grab your headphones, snacks, and any k-drama watching essentials!

Wae, you may ask? It’s because the site has finally added of wealth of new k-dramas to their lineup. The reason I’m so over the moon is because the k-drama changes have been very few and far between in the last six months or so. I’ve pretty much exhausted myself by constantly checking and wishing and hoping that some more options would arise. I mean, I love and support sites like Viki. RIP (DramaFever.)

But what grinds my gears? Ads. Lots and lots of ads. And repetitive ads at that. I know, I know. It’s a free service, so the ads shouldn’t bug me that much, right? Except my computer almost always freezes on these blasted advertisements and it takes me three times the normal amount of time just to watch one episode. Of course, this could be fixed with buying premium accounts. But seeing as I already have a Netflix subscription, and it’s the most I can afford right now, it’s my go-to place for high quality k-dramas that are ad free. One of these days, I will quit my complaining and find a way to afford premium subscriptions on other websites, but alas, that’s a story for another time and another post.

Here’s the point: If you have a subscription to the streaming site, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some new offerings on the site. During the last six months, k-drama additions have been pretty scarce, so this a pretty major change for those of you that use the streaming service. Below, I’ve compiled a list of all 9 dramas. Also, don’t forget to look here if you’re newer to Netflix and need help finding out how to find k-dramas on the site.

Fated To Love You

Summary: A wealthy business heir marries an ordinary office worker after they have a one-night stand that leads to her unexpectedly becoming pregnant.


Coffee Prince

Summary: Han Kyul gives his family’s café a new spin, hiring only good-looking men to work there — plus an androgynous-looking girl he mistakes for a man.


Doctor Stranger

Summary: After fleeing North Korea, Park Hoon becomes a top surgeon in South Korea and vows to reunite with the woman he left behind.

It’s Okay, That’s Love

Summary: Successful novelist and radio DJ Jae-yeol and psychiatrist Hae-soo are constantly at odds, but that changes when they start living in the same house.


K-Pop Extreme Survival

Summary: Seung Yeon decides to chase her dream of becoming a K-pop star and audition for a popular group. There’s only one catch: It’s a boy band.

Good Doctor

Summary: A savant-like pediatric surgeon is in constant conflict with a fellow doctor — a rivalry that heats up when they develop feelings for the same woman.

Cunning Single Lady

Summary: Ae-ra is broke and seeks revenge after learning that her ex-husband Jung-woo, whose business struggled during their marriage, has now made a fortune.

A Word From Warm Heart

Summary: Happy housewife Mi Kyung finds her world turned upside down when she learns that her husband is having an affair with another woman.

God’s Gift – 14 Days

Summary: A grieving mother travels back in time to prevent the tragic murder of her daughter, aided by a private investigator with a connection to the case.


Licenses that Netflix obtains don’t last forever. If you see a drama that’s caught your eye, watch it while you can. You never know how long it’ll stick around.

* All images are hyperlinks that re-direct you to the drama’s page on Netflix. All you need to do is click on the image.


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