10 More Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Healer

10 More Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Healer

I am just loving Healer so much that I couldn’t refrain from sharing a few more reasons everyone needs to be watching this drama. So, just in case the first 10 Reasons weren’t sufficient enough, here are 10 More Reasons You Should Be Watching Healer that might just sway you to start watching this drama immediately.

10 More Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Healer

ONE. If you love a good underdog story, you’ve come to the right place. There are multiple characters in this series that refuse to believe what they’ve been told, so they go searching for the truth and try their best to find justice and ultimately find peace. And more often than not, they are taking massive risks.

TWO. The details. This series is all about the small details along the way that slowly, like a blurry picture, start to focus and sharpen. And you don’t have to worry about the plot dragging because Healer keeps going steadily. I’ve had so much fun piecing together the bits and pieces we’ve been getting along the way. It’s almost like becoming a reporter. Because, let’s face it, the detectives in this drama don’t seem too capable of finding the real truth.

THREE. You’ll become emotional. You might even cry. There are some great moments that tug hard at the heartstrings. I won’t say more for fear of spoiling anything. So, I’ll leave you with one more thing. If you love to emotionally connect with what’s happening on your screen, you’ll certainly find it in Healer.

10 More Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Healer

FOUR. Ji Chang Wook sings, and guys, he sings really, really well. This beautiful love ballad, I Will Protect You, is showcased in episode 17 and 18. Even if you’ve already heard it, I’ve added it to this post just so you can listen to it all all again—or just listen to it for the first time. Warning: one listen won’t be enough.

FIVE. The male and female lead are actually good for each other. As different as they seem to be, you’ll find that maybe they aren’t that different after all. Also, a major *squee* moment when you learn more about their pasts.

10 More Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Healer

SIX. How about a sincere love? If you’re looking for a sincere love without the chaos and eye-rolling silly drama of love triangles and love squares, this is an excellent place to start.

SEVEN. The cliffhangers. I know, I know. “We love cliffhangers” said no one ever, but the beauty of this drama is that it’s already completed by the time you’re reading this. So, if you’re wavering and about to start this drama, now is as good a time as any because you won’t have to wait week-to-week in nail-biting suspense.

EIGHT. Each character has a beautifully explored back story. The writing is solid, and I love that secondary characters that would be pushed to the side in any other drama get to shine in this one. So, kudos to the writing team for giving depth and understanding to these characters.

NINE. Every episode hovers at the one hour mark — give or take a little. ‘ This means we get a healthy dose of Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young every episode.

10 More Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Healer

TEN. Long after it’s over, this is the kind of drama that will linger in your mind. You won’t forget the characters, you won’t forget the story, you won’t forget the music, and you certainly won’t forget the brilliant writing.

Healer is available to watch right now on Viki. It has a very high 9.8 rating and I can attest that Healer deserves every, single raving review it gets. If you weren’t convinced by my initial 10 Reasons post, I hope this new and improved 10 More Reasons You Should Be Watching Healer helps you make a final decision. Fighting, my friends!


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