Man Crush Monday: Ji Chang Wook

ji chang wook mcm


If the name Ji Chang Wook doesn’t ring any bells for you, it’s okay. I had no idea who he was until I started to watch Healer.

His acting is top notch, his smile is beautiful, and he can cry so freaking well. Okay, I won’t leave out that he’s also really, really attractive. And tall. And he just has this calming voice that you could listen to all day. Aside from being attractive, I sincerely mean that this guy can act. If you’ve been unsure about watching Healer, check out at least the first four episodes and you will quickly understand how and why Ji Chang Wook became my Man Crush Monday. And long after Healer ends, I have the sneaking suspicion that I’ll have to keep a close eye on Chang Wook’s future endeavers.

As a shortcut, you can either watch the drama on drama fever or viki. Also, here are my top 10 reasons why you should be watching Healer.



  1. “Man Crush Monday” that’s awesome, and made more awesome by the fact that it’s Ji Chang Wook. Like the look of your site, love that you are a Healer fan!

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