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Man Crush Monday: Ji Chang Wook

man crush monday ji chang wook style

Welcome to the first ever Man Crush Monday!

We’re starting off this Man Crush Monday: Ji Chang Wook style.

If the name Ji Chang Wook doesn’t ring any bells for you, it’s okay. He was virtually unknown to me until I started watching Healer. 

And that’s when Wookie began to dazzle me. When Ji Chang Wook is on screen, he demands attention. Who am I to deny him that attention?

His acting is top notch, his smile is beautiful, and even his crying is realistic and heartbreaking. Okay, I won’t leave out that he’s also really, really attractive. And tall. And he just has this calming voice that you could listen to all day.

man crush monday ji chang wook style

Aside from being attractive, I sincerely mean that this guy has the acting chops to back up his dashing good looks. If you’ve been unsure about watching Healer, check out at least the first four episodes and you will quickly understand how and why Ji Chang Wook became my Man Crush Monday.

Long after Healer ends, I have the sneaking suspicion that I’ll have to keep a close eye on Chang Wook’s future endeavors. (You’re on my radar now, buddy.) Have you watched other dramas starting JCW? I’m always curious to know what you’re watching, so feel free to share where your journey began with this talented actor.

As a shortcut, you can watch Healer on Viki. Also, here are my top 10 reasons why you should be watching Healer.

Some basic info on Wookie:

Ji Chang Wook was born July 5th 1987 in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

He attended a private college, Dankook University, where he studied in the Department of Performing Arts.

Did you know that Wookie practiced martial arts for his role as the nighttime errand guy in Healer? This guy is dedicated to his craft and is well-deserving of ISWAKD’s first ever “Man Crush Monday.”

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man crush monday ji chang wook style



  1. “Man Crush Monday” that’s awesome, and made more awesome by the fact that it’s Ji Chang Wook. Like the look of your site, love that you are a Healer fan!

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