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My Thoughts on ‘My Heart Twinkle Twinkle’ [Episode 1 & 2]


Summary: Soon Jin is the eldest daughter of the owner of Jinsim chicken restaurant. After her mother’s death, she is in charge of taking care of her two younger sisters, her father, and the restaurant. To make matters worse, the rival chicken restaurant in town (Woontak) is gaining popularity. Run by the cold-blooded Woon Tak, Soon Jin’s in for a fight to be the best restaurant. Of course, her younger sisters also have their own set of issues as well.

This isn’t technically a review — as I’m struggling to make heads or tails about my feelings pertaining to this drama. It’s only two episodes, so please take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

  • The opening is interesting — told through the youngest sister’s eyes as she’s a baby. (Note: she’s obsessed with chicken when she grows up. Like, she doesn’t want to pursue college because she wants to run a chicken store just like her father.)
  •  Soon Jin is the oldest sister of three. Her mother dies after childbirth with the third one. Soon Jin seems very hard-working and dedicated as she’s a home economics teacher. She takes on the “mother” role and does her best to look after her youngest sister. There’s nothing particularly special about her character so far, except that she has no problems on lecturing the major jerk off, Woon Tak. But, I do like the gentleness and softness of her character. It’s a nice change from some of the loud, sassy leads you find in many k-dramas.
  •  Woon Tak. Oh, what can I say about him? The only good thing: he geniunely seems to care for his sisters. The problem is that there’s a lot I don’t like about his character. He’s rude, pompous, self-righteous, and has no problem having the living crap kicked out of his fellow employees. (In reference to the strike due to Woontak raising prices.) He also seems to show the tiniest bit of interest in Soon Jin, which makes me shudder. I don’t know how this series is possibly going to make me like him. Anyone else feel the same way?
  • All three sisters are very different, but the middle sister, Soon So, who is away at school, hasn’t caught my interest. She’s been in music school for six years now, and she has a side job at some swanky, posh club where she has to smile and entertain the male guests. She’s also very talented with the piano. Other than that, I haven’t found many reasons to care about her just yet.
  • The youngest sister, Soon Jung, gets into heaps of trouble. But to be fair, Woon Tak’s sister is a mean bully that I can’t stand. Bonus points if you recognize the bully as Geum Ran (before plastic surgery) from Birth of a Beauty. But how is Soon Jung going to amend her mistakes? I mean, she basically enters Woon Tak’s home without permission, and while she’s trying to evade the bully, she breaks a lot of expensive vases and knocks anything over to thwart and evade capture. Also, she overhears that Woon Tak uses artificial ingredients in his chicken. Woon Tak and his employees see her witness this very important piece of information. Otoke?
  • The father, guys. I feel so terrible for him. He witnesses his middle daughter’s struggle to keep affording school and living at that side job where one of the men comes onto her. He basically sells his soul to Woon Tak, so that he can send his daughter to study abroad. It means that their chicken restaurant will be no more. He’ll work for Woon Tak’s chicken business now. My heart truly breaks because you can see how devoted he is to the happiness of his children.
  •  I find the middle sister, Soon So, to be kind of selfish. Sure, I know it was probably tough growing up with next-to-nothing and helping with the family-operated chicken business. I’m disappointed that she seems so angry and embarrassed by her own family that she doesn’t even bother to keep in contact. That, personally, is a big reason why she’s my least favorite sister right now. Get your act together–Soon So. If you love the piano, keep working hard and graduate already. If your love for the piano has dissolved, just figure out something and make a decision. Aish.
  • Across the board, the quality of acting is nicely done.
  • So, I also like how young, immature, and singular-minded Soon Jung is. Despite her tendency to get into fights, I really admire her passion and resilience. She has a lot of growing up to do, and it’ll be nice to see if she has a true passion that isn’t owning a chicken business. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but I do look forward to her finding new interests. And maybe it’s my own opinion, but I think Soon Jin did a good job at raising her sister. No teenager is perfect. But I think Soon Jung has some good, quality values about her. She also does some stupid things, too. I’m not here to deny that. The question is where will she go from that ending of episode two? And what will Soon Jin have to do to stop Woon Tak from pressing charges and having Soon Jung sent to jail?

I think that about covers my thoughts on the first two episodes. I’m not sure if I like it or not, but it’s not all bad. I’ll probably check out a few more episodes and do a proper review if I enjoy it enough. I’m curious to see how a lot of things play out, but it doesn’t come close to capturing my attention and heart like Healer has, but, hey, I’ll give it some time before I make a final judgment call on My Heart Twinkle Twinkle.




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