10 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Healer

Healer was a big gamble for me—in the sense that I wasn’t particularly wowed by the premise. Initially. In this case, initially is the key. Some dramas are hard to judge by trailers and synopsis’s alone. In fact, I’ve felt pretty “meh” (unimpressed) about the recent k-drama offerings. But, after another sleepless night, I decided to give it a shot.

It couldn’t be that bad, right?

Actually, it’s not bad at all. It’s kind of addictive. I’ve marathoned 10 episodes in a few short days, and while that may not seem like an impressive feat, it is when you are either working, sleeping, or dreaming of when you get to sleep.

With that said, here are ten reasons why I think you should be watching Healer.

1. Ji Chang Wook is really, really good as “The Nighttime Errand Boy” and his by-day dorky alias Kim Boong Soo. And he has such an adorable stutter as the latter character. Cute things aside, his acting is top notch here.

2. The OST (original soundtrack). I know I probably mention this in every list, but music isn’t just filler. It helps you get in the right mood for the scenes, and really good soundtracks bring the best out in a scene. While it’s not the best OST I’ve ever heard, it’s definitely in my top five. If you need further convincing, here you go:

3. Park Min Young is so adorable and sweet as Chae Young Shin. She’s not over the top quirky or even annoying. She’s relatively normal for k-drama land, and it’s a depiction I really, really appreciate. Young Shin is a bit slow on the uptake in some areas, but it’s really fun to watch her character grow and learn.

4.  Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young have a really nice chemistry. And that’s where I’ll stop or else I could end up blurting out spoilers.

5. This is not City Hunter. Yes, there are quite a few similarities, but I’m finding Healer to be much better executed overall. And for any of you who have followed this blog for a while, you’ll know that City Hunter is my favorite drama, but I’m being honest when I say that Healer has tugged at my heartstrings and captured my interest much better. (Look out Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook is creeping up on my love for you.) We’ll see how similar I feel after watching the last ten episodes.

6. It’s marathon worthy. You won’t be able to stop with just one episode. You’ll want to know more and you’ll keep watching. I try hard to pace myself, but it’s hard not to as the story slowly reveals little bits of information that will keep you wondering just how all of these characters are connected.

7. The Ahjumma aka Jung Hoo’s boss. She’s nerdy, bizarre, and she uses a high-pitched voice in certain situations. She’s also a hacking guru.

8. While this drama has some darker and gritty moments, it’s really a lighter drama overall. If you like a little action and romance that isn’t overly violent with guns, swords, etc, then you’ve found the right drama.

9. This is a character-driven drama. The characters are the heart and soul of what works so marvelously on Healer.

10. A big part of the story is centered in the world of Korean reporters. I can’t vouch for the credibility in real life, but it feels pretty authentic. And it’s nice to see a character working a job that’s a little different than the norm in k-drama land.



  1. I got sucked into The Healer Wormhole too after saying to myself “Let’s jusr watch the first two, and see how it goes.” LOL!! <3 the chemistry between JCW & PMY

    1. Me too! Usually, it takes me a couple of episodes to really get into a drama, but I got sucked into that same wormhole almost instantly. You’re so dead on with the JCW and PMY chemistry. It’s so, so, so good.

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