Favorite K-Drama of 2014?


2014 was surely an interesting year for me. I discovered k-dramas back in April of 2014 thanks to a desperate, last-ditch effort to find something different to watch on Netflix. (Seriously, how can there be so much stuff on Netflix but you don’t have any desire to watch most of it?) Ever since April, I’ve been watching k-dramas religiously. I watch them at least once a week or else I just feel sad and empty. All you have to do is look at my “what I’ve watched” page, and you’ll see that I binge-watched a ton of dramas in less than a week consistently. You’ll see the dramas I struggled to complete, the ones I couldn’t finish soon enough, and you’ll even see a few that I just haven’t had the heart or willpower to watch.

It’s been one amazing journey but, even more than that, starting this blog was the most exciting thing I’ve done all year. I started it mostly to record my own thoughts and keep a tally on what I’ve watched. I mean, who knew that fellow k-drama lovers would even follow and leave comments on this blog? It’s been such a surprise that this blog grew and transformed into a place that others can enjoy, too. Because of that, I’m going to try my very hardest to make deadlines and keep this blog on the upswing.

Many things are coming in 2015, so don’t go anywhere.

That said, I thought it was appropriate to start off 2015 with a good old poll. If you’ve been following this blog, you know I love my polls. So, please take a minute to vote for your favorite drama of 2014. And after you vote, leave a few thoughts on why you chose what you chose. Note: this poll will only include dramas that have completely aired in 2014.

But, because I’m sure favorite k-drama polls are popping out of the woodwork, I thought I’d add a little something different. Below, you will have the same k-drama choices, but you will be voting for your least favorite k-drama of 2014.  Also, don’t hesitate to share which drama made you pull the plug and give up. Although, if you managed to make it through one of your least favorite’s of the year, I will give you a round of applause because it’s a challenge to finish the dramas that test every, last ounce of resolve we have.


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