My Work Week In K-Drama Gifs: Week 6

Has it already been six weeks? I feel bad that I’m neglecting reviews and whatnot, but I plan to start talking about a few newer dramas I’ve been watching. Christmas is a big deal in my household, so I’ve been shopping, decorating, and baking whenever I’m not working. That said, I had a pretty standard week, but I did manage to add a few new little things for my fellow readers to enjoy.

1. You confide in your other co-worker (the other temp I work with) that you were hired with next-to-no experience with Microsoft Excel (spreadsheets) and she is shocked. She even tells you that you’re doing a fantastic job — way better than she is. You know that this is a sincere compliment because she has previous Excel experience and is struggling with the current spreadsheet work. But you do your best to help her because she’s actually really nice and easy to work with.

2. The floor above your workspace is used as an art center. Today, they blasted Christmas tunes, which you’re not exactly complaining about, but it was a CD that repeated the same seven songs over and over for 8 1/2 hours. By the time your Friday rolls to a stop, you’re feeling far less Christmas-y and much more Scrooge-like. Is there a mute button, anyone?

3. One of your co-workers “S” leaves early to visit with her husband’s family this weekend. After she leaves, the co-worker “V” that sits two cubicles behind her decides to hover over S’s desk. V even turns the volume off on S’s phone, so that she doesn’t have to hear it all day. You may not know much, but messing with stuff at someone else’s desk is a big no-no.

4. Co-worker “V” decides to make a loud personal phone call during working hours. You don’t really care to listen to V’s life story as she catches up on the “good ol’ days” with her BFF from California, but not even typing loudly on your keyboard is enough to drown out the conversation.

5. Someone uses the microwave to heat up their lunch and the smell is enough to make you gag. Worse yet: the smell lingers much longer than necessary. This is also not the first time. The same person consistently finds the grossest foods to bring with him for lunch.

6. One of  your trips to the bathroom goes horribly wrong. Apparently, the person who visited the facilities before you decided that their bathroom adventure was extreme enough to spray nearly half a can of Lysol disinfectant spray. As a result, you can’t get out of the bathroom quick enough as your eyes are watering and you’re gagging on the thick, toxic fumes. In a silent rage, part of you wants to chuck the blasted can right out the second-floor window.


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