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How To Find K-Dramas And K-Movies On Netflix


When it comes to finding what you want, Netflix can either be a blessing or a curse. And let me tell you that typing “korean drama” (or any other variation) in the search bar on Netflix isn’t very helpful. (And that’s being generous.) You’ll probably bring up a whole mess of results that most likely have zilch to do with your beloved k-drama search. So, if you’re new to Netflix or if you’re thinking about trying it out for a month-long trial, here’s the best way to get straight to your favorite Korean dramas ad free.

*Please note these are instructions for accessing Netflix via a computer. If you are using an app or mobile device, these direction will not work. Via the app, you can simply search for “Korean Drama” and find what you need.*

One easy way to filter out k-dramas from everything else:

netflix 1st step

1. Hover your mouse over the “Browse” link.

netflix 2nd step

2. Select “TV Shows.”

netflix 3rd step

3. You should now see a “subgenres” button. Select that.

netflix 4th step

4. From the listing, find “Korean TV Shows” and click on it.

5. Voila! You should have a page dedicated exclusively to k-dramas.

Note: Keep in mind that this might not bring up every single k-drama in the database, but it does bring up most of the options available. Also, licenses eventually run out on Netflix, so if you’ve been holding off on watching a drama, you may want to check it out before it disappears.

Now, we’re going to move forward to finding Korean movies on Netflix.

netflix movie 1st step

1. Hover over the “browse” link.

netflix movie 2nd step

2. Select “foreign” link.

netflix movies 3rd step

3. Find the “subgenres” button and select that.

netflix movie 4th step

4. Click on “Korean.”

5. Voila! You should have a pretty large page dedicated exclusively to k-movies.

Note: Korean movies have a pretty large inventory on Netflix. If you don’t have the time and/or have run out of dramas that you want to watch, this is a great way to finish something in one sitting without the after-effects of binge-watching dramas.

Updated 1/31/18



  1. Im in searching of lee hyun drama in which he teases a girl by giving her some wornings and then he fall in love with her, i need the name of that drama, plzzz

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