My Work Week In Gifs: Week 5

Well, I intended to post this over the weekend, but real life decided to interfere. As I’m getting ready for bed (it’s not even 8 p.m.), I decided now was a good time as any to do some catching up and review the week. It wasn’t a very exciting week, but it drained all of the energy out of me. I’ve been working, eating, sleeping, and repeating on an endless loop. It’s like the effects of binge-watching dramas. You know what I mean? When you’re so tired and exhausted from doing too much of one thing that you’re practically a zombie the next day? (I.E. the web toon girl from Flower Boy Next Door.)

1. Creating bills sucks. All good things eventually lose their luster. This week, the thought of creating bills make you cringe. You dislike that so many customers have special billing requirements. Completing roughly 40 bills with special billing takes your nearly the whole day.

2. A co-worker you don’t know brags about driving around in winter with bald tires. You pretend to agree by nodding and saying “yeah” throughout the conversation. When you get close to your car, you pick up the pace to escape the conversation. Bragging about crappy tires in wintry conditions is not your idea of an illuminating conversation.

3. You learn some secrets about your job from another co-worker that surprise you. Apparently, a nice chunk of your co-workers aren’t exactly the nicest people.  You get a tip to watch how you act and what you say around certain people. Gossip is the worst. So, you pretend to be clueless and nice and carry on with your day like you don’t know anything.

4. You’ve officially survived a month at your job, and you’re amazed by your perseverance.

5. A major customer implements a new billing procedure that must be done through said customer’s website. So, you get to spend an hour and a half in a meeting learning how to enter bills for these customers. It’s so boring that you almost would rather go back to doing dreaded billing over listening to this boring, repetitive meeting/training session.

6. Friday at 4:30 p.m. becomes your lifeline. If you can just hang on until then, you’ve survived the battle. You imagine your warm, cozy bed and your fluffy pillows waiting for you.

7. Thanks to a new billing system, you are cramming in 50 bills at lightning speed on a Friday before you go home. (Coming in a Saturday with double pay still doesn’t interest you in the slightest.)


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