My Work Week In K-Drama Gifs: Week 4

Well, I hope than anyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a wonderful time filled with good food and precious family time. I had a very busy week leading up to Thanksgiving, so I decided to hold off with this post until now. It’s going to be a short one, though. I only worked up until Wednesday.

1. Different people keep teaching you different ways to do the same thing, and in the end, you’re so colossally confused that you don’t even know which way is up anymore You become so hysterical by the madness of it all that you can’t help but internally laugh.

2. The new temp starts, and for certain things, you’re in charge of training her. Unfortunately, she is making some major mistakes that make it appear as if you’re not training her on the basics adequately, so then your manager and assistant manager step in. On a good note: it’s a lot less responsibility on your hands, so it becomes your blessing in disguise. On a bad note: you hope that your manager and assistant manager know that you’re not making the same mistakes your fellow co-worker is making.

3. You take on yet another level of responsibility, and now you’re learning how to create bills in the system for your co-workers. It’s actually one of the easiest but time consuming projects you’ve done yet, and you kind of hope you can do it everyday because the time flies by and you don’t feel burnt out after doing it.

4. A major winter storm is moving in. You’re a little disappointed when you head to work and snow is not on the ground. Within an hour, the snow is falling steady and is sticking to the roads. You cross your fingers and pray for a short day. Everyone else is in the same boat as you. They just want to go home. Another hour and a half passes and you receive an email that your office is closing at noon and you get to go home and enjoy a four day weekend thanks to the holiday.

5. You love that your job offers you paid holidays, so you’re not too bummed (monetary wise) that you got out of work early on Wednesday due to the snow.


6. Some people are sharing their excitement about going into work on Saturday for overtime ON A HOLIDAY WEEKEND. But as for you? Not a chance. You have a cozy bed with your name written on it waiting for you.

7. The clock hasn’t even hit 12 and you’re already shutting down, rushing to grab your coat and purse, and booking it out of the building in no time at all. It’s time to retreat to home, sweet, home!

P.S. I am totally addicted to Tomorrow’s Cantabile, so this post shamelessly included a lot of gifs from the series. #notsorry


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