Korean Variety Shows

As I am no stranger to the wonderful and addicting world of k-dramas, I thought it would be great to expand my wings and tackle another part of Korean television: variety shows. Typically, variety and reality-geared shows irritate me to no end. I’d rather stare at a wall and watch paint dry. No, really. So, becoming interested in Korean variety shows was the last thing I ever expected.

I’m currently watching We Got Married, and I’m shamelessly sucked into the cuteness and quirkiness this show has to offer. Sometime in the new year, it might become a possibility to see some reviews and discussion on k-variety.

Until then, can I just say that I totally adore the SoRim couple? Like, they’re just so fun to watch, especially Kim So Eun’s reactions to some of the weird, cheesy, and random things that comes out of Song Jae Rim’s mouth.


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