My Work Week In K-Drama Gifs: Week 3

Week 3 was an interesting week. Surprisingly, I am managing to find plenty of work experiences to pair up with k-drama gifs. And due to a short upcoming week because of Thanksgiving, (I have Thursday and Friday off) I will have another post mid-week.

1. Well, eventually the honeymoon period ends with a new job. Just when you get comfortable doing the tasks you’ve been doing for the past three weeks, everyone else from your department decides to saddle you with a metric crap ton of unfamiliar and foreign paperwork to deal with. Soon, you find yourself overwhelmed and hoping that when you get to that paper way down on your pile, that you remember the instructions you were given. Post-it-notes become your BFF.

2. In-Office jokes. Many people working any job know that if you do something worth talking about, they will continue to talk about it and milk it for every laugh it’s worth. At least, until a more exciting incident occurs. Since I started my job, at least once a week, I’ve heard the “popcorn incident” rehashed at least half a dozen times. You might ask what the “popcorn incident” is exactly. Well, I’m tell you. A co-worker of mine was making popcorn in the microwave (this happened before I started), and for some reason, she put it in for 4 minutes. The popcorn caught on fire, the fire alarms went off, and the entire building (including the art center and police station around the corner) were evacuated. So, whenever something is being heated in the microwave, someone makes a that-smells-like-popcorn or popcorn-is-banned joke.

3. You get your first call from outside the office, and you are so nervous that you barely hear a word the other person has said. To save face, you direct the call to someone else in your apartment, and hope you haven’t made a complete idiot out of yourself. Then, when your manager calls you back, you realize that the call was intended for an account that your assistant manager handles. Major oops.

4. You find out that the replacement temp (to take over for the temp that quit after her first day) starts on Monday. Because you have 3 weeks on her, she gets to do all the stuff you’ve been doing while you get stuck learning harder, more complicated work that adds a lot of responsibility, stress, and unneeded anxiety on your shoulders. Guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.

5. After 3 months pass, you learn that you’ll be able to get health insurance offered through your company at a very affordable rate. Score!

6. You look forward to meetings as it’s time that takes away from your daily work. You don’t even care what it’s about — it’s one hour less that you have to stare at a computer screen. Win, Win all around!

7. Your assistant manager tells you while you’re leaving work that you’re so efficient at your job that she couldn’t find enough work to keep you busy consistently throughout the day. And you kind of awkwardly laugh because you’ve been powering through work at an inhuman pace because you feel you’re taking too long on small tasks. Jinjja?

8. It’s casual Friday, and you’re the only fool that’s wearing your business clothing. You immediately feel very overdressed even though you think you look nice. Cue the awkward smile throughout the day.


9. One of your co-workers is always cold. Like, the thermostat is cranked at 77° F throughout the day and he still finds the room to be chilly. Meanwhile, the rest of us can’t shed a few layers fast enough.

I can do this

10. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you’re too unsure how you should approach asking what days the office is closed. You might be three weeks into your job, but the problem is that you’re too anxious about making a bad impression that you just don’t ask. Maybe you’ll get lucky and you’ll overhear your co-workers talking about the holiday hours.


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