My Work Week in K-Drama Gifs

Well, readers, I’ve survived my very first week of work. It was a long and harrowing experience, but I hung in there. It’s also the reason I haven’t been able to update this blog. But never fear! I am dedicating weekends to getting my k-drama fixes, so I should have a few posts pop up here and there this weekend. That said, enjoy this brief little reprieve from my reviews and polls.


1. You’ve learned so much information in one day alone that you’re not even sure what you actually know or don’t know. And thus, you become overwhelmed and emotional.

2. When your 30 minute lunch is the quickest 30 minutes of the whole work day.

3. You’ve barely started to eat your lunch, but mysteriously twenty minutes have ticked by in a flash. You start shoveling down food, risking ingestion or worse just to make sure you have enough time to clock back in.

4. When the other temp who started in your department quits after the first day, and now you’re forced to take on the workload of two people while learning whole new computer programs and systems while finding the time to go to your mandatory training sessions. (Also, a true story.)

5. Endless data entry is a serious buzzkill, and from staring at the screen so long, your brain and eyes are protesting.

6. You come home and have serious anxious thinking of all the things you have to do at work tomorrow. You can’t sleep a wink, and when you go into work the next morning, you look and feel terrible. You even forget your key card/time card at time and now you’re locked out of rooms and can’t clock in or out. You rely on the pity of your co-workers to help you navigate from one room to the other. (Yep, this a true story. It happened to me yesterday.)

7. When you realize it’s only Wednesday, and you still have two more days until the weekend. It’s not as torturous as Monday, but it’s close enough. Trust me, it totally is.

8. You’re offered hours on a Saturday with extra pay, but you mentally scoff and roll your eyes. Not even a few extra bucks can tempt you to roll out of bed early on a Saturday.

9. You witness in-office flirting happening around you, and things continue to get weirder… and awkward.


10. You barely make it home before you pass out — it doesn’t even matter where. You’re so tired that you could sleep anywhere.


11. The weekend finally comes and you’re faced with such bittersweet emotions.

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