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Strong Female Leads #002: Joo Jang Mi

Joo Jang Mi is a twenty-nine-year-old who works at a department store for a living. She dreams of finding true love and getting married. It’s really one of her biggest aspirations. Of course, there is much more to Jang Mi that being a hopeless romantic and dreamer.

Meet Joo Jang Mi, a bubbly woman on the cusp of her thirties. She’s single, still living at home, but she has her own job and prefers to be financially independent. This is the kind of character that isn’t afraid to take chances, and she’s willing to do anything for the people that she loves. Even more than that, she often sacrifices her own happiness for the happiness of those around her. Yes, she has a fiery personality and is prone to speaking her mind after having a couple of drinks, but she’s always honest.

She also craves happiness and true love. It’s something she actively tries to make happen, but it isn’t until Jang Mi meets Gi Tae that she realizes that love and happiness aren’t something that can be planned, let alone forced.

Why does she seek happiness? Jang Mi grew up witnessing an unhappy relationship – the relationship between her parents. They fought a lot and even in the wake of their arguments, they left Jang Mi on her own. It resulted in a traumatic accident where Jang Mi almost died. Forward to her in the present and she’s still living at home with her parents and watching their on-the-rocks relationship self-destruct. Things even get to a point where her parents won’t physically utter a word to each other and will only do it through texts or writing things down.

Still, this character bravely went on. And yes, I’m not going to deny her weaknesses. Her self-sacrificing behavior did add to her own misery at times, but when it came down to it, Jang Mi was willing to take a few leaps while she was scared. And, in my opinion, the strength of this particular character was her ability to face her fears and reach out for what she really wanted. Jang Mi didn’t give up, and as a result, I never gave up on her.


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