Surplus Princess: Episode Six Review


In the opening scene, we pick up where we last left off with various phone calls happening at once. In order to cut down on confusion, I’ll focus on who called who.


Shi Kyung called Jin Ah, asking her a work-related questions about when the dinner meeting was.

Ha Ni receives a phone call from Witch Ahn. Disappointed and angry that it wasn’t Shi Kyung, she hangs up with Witch Ahn abruptly.



Hyun Myung is hanging out on the couch. He’s trying to get in touch with Jin Ah who called him last night, but he can’t reach her. Ha Ni stomps over and proclaims that it’s her spot because it’s the only place in the house with decent reception. He asks if she’s still waiting for him [Shi Kyung] to call. He reminds her that Shi Kyung didn’t call because he doesn’t like her. Part of me thinks that Hyun Myung enjoys seeing Ha Ni get worked up. They both have fiery tempers and strong personalities, so things are bound to get heated between them.


Ha Ni tries to make him move, but he refuses. Did she really think he was going to move that easily? Oh, these two. Sometimes I feel that they bicker like an old, married couple.

Meanwhile, Big tells them to come downstairs quick. There’s big trouble. What could it be?



Witch Ahn informs Ha Ni, Ji Yong, Hyun Myung, and Big that the damages for his truck are $1,000. Each person has to pay $250. Their jaws drop.

Ha Ni, Big, Ji Yong, and Hyun Myung are punished for damaging Witch Ahn’s food truck. As they’re all “jobless bums” as he so eloquently dubs them, they’re left to pay him back in the form of good, old-fashioned manual labor. And seeing as Witch Ahn has no shortage of odd jobs, he’ll find plenty of ways to keep the gang busy.



Forward to the group working at a supermarket. They are carrying and stacking boxes. Ji Yong has a bit of an anxiety meltdown when he accidentally opened an invite sent by his family. The problem is that Ji Yong hasn’t spoken to his family in a long time, and now that he’s opened the invite on his phone, he can’t just ignore it like usual. As you’ll learn later in this episode, he makes it a point to mention that “surpluses” don’t mix well with family.

They complain, too. It’s not glamorous work, but at least it gives them something else to do. Hyun Myung tells Ha Ni that he’s surprised her uncle was so harsh considering that she’s his niece, and she’s in completely agreeance with him. Hang in there, Surpluses.



Hye Young puts pain patches on Ha Ni. Ha Ni now understands why Witch Ahn wears so many. We can chalk this up as another human event that Ha Ni has been able to experience. Another thing I love about this show is it’s honest attention to detail. Showing Ha Ni struggle with a human job helps make her not only relatable, but it also helps her better understand humanity on a whole. Not everything can be good or easy, and it’s nice to see the show constantly reinforce this theme consistently.

Curious, Ha Ni asks Hye Young what a surplus is.

“Surplus. Surplus means a remaining resource. Thought you have ability, there’s nowhere to use it. You want to work, but there’s no place. A pitiful existence.”


Ha Ni asks if she’s a surplus and Hye Young says yes. They are interrupted by Ji Yong babbling on about Kakoa Talk and that Hye Young needs to stop sending him messages to give to the shared house owner. Hye Young gets angry and throws a book at him to get him to leave.


Meanwhile, Shi Kyung gets in touch with Ha Ni and apologizes for standing her up for dinner as he had an emergency at work. Ha Ni is very understanding. She boldly asks if there’s any part time work at the company, and the great part is that she’s not just being selfish here. Okay, so maybe she is because she wants to use the opportunity to be closer to Shi Kyung, but she also tries to get Hyun Myung, Big, and Ji Yong work as well.

Jin Ah appears and Shi Kyung asks her when the blind taste test of their new product is launching. It’s going to be soon. Shi Kyung tells Ha Ni that he’ll call her back later when he finds out about the position.


Shi Kyung invites Jin Ah out for food. Unfortunately, he just thanks her for her help, but says that he wants to be just friends with her. He bought her some lipstick to make up for her using it on the sketchbooks when he was doing the cooking demonstration. I love that Shi Kyung is direct about wanting to maintain a professional relationship with Jin Ah, but she’s too selfish to settle at that. I would really like to understand the inner workings of Jin Ah’s mind.



The gang are eating their lunch outside of the supermarket. Once again, we get to see how well they all blend together.

Here, Ha Ni was the one that accidentally ate all of Hyun Myung’s grandmother’s kimchi. She said it was very delicious, but apologizes still. They discuss Hyun Myung’s grandmother’s awesome cooking.

And then Shi Kyung calls. Ha Ni lands a job for all four of them. He ends up getting Ha Ni, Big, and Ji Yong as part-time taste tasters at the company. Hyun Myung was included, but because of Jin Ah, he doesn’t really want to go. He plays it off coolly as if she’s not the reason, but knowing how much he loved her and was hurt by her, it had to be a pretty big factor for him to turn down the invitation.



Big, Ji Yong, and Ha Ni wait to be escorted into JH. It is Jin Ah who meets up with them, and she doesn’t look pleased in the slightest. It seems that she just can’t escape her former roommates and Ha Ni.


Thankfully, Shi Kyung shows up – all smiles – before things can grow dangerously tense.



Ha Ni and Team Leader Kim greet each other. Shi Kyung smiles because they all already know each other.


They were brought to the food test to give their honest opinions on instant food that JH developed. The blind food taste goes really, really well. Team Leader Kim and Shi Kyung talk among themselves and say that Ha Ni is basically a natural because she’s not only rating the food but recognizing spices. Her knowledge of food is very well. As a mermaid, I wonder how and when she picked up some of the skills she currently has.



As she’s leaving, Shi Kyung asks if she’s free tomorrow. Ha Ni enthusiastically replies that she’s free every day. He then invites her to taste food he’s been developing personally.

Daebak! Ha Ni finally gets her chance to spend some quality, one-on-one time with the chef.



Back at the house, Hyun Myung is washing Witch Ahn’s truck.

Big and Ji Jong talk about how “daebak” the food was. Hyun Myung asks about Jin Ah, but they say she’s the same.

Ji Jong wonders why Hyun Myung is washing the truck. He says that they agreed to knock off 30,000 won (about $30) with the car wash.


Hyun Myung gets a call that his grandmother is getting heart surgery. It’s not supposed to be a major surgery, so he’s relatively calm with that reassuring information.


Before they can enter the hospital room, Hyun Myung’s uncle is going off about him being useless and not doing anything, but his grandmother defends him. She says Hyun Myung will make it big. He’s also kind and has a strong will. The uncle thinks that grandma is making Hyun Myung weak by protecting him. It’s not protecting him, mister! It’s supporting him. Learn the difference. I think the uncle is butt hurt because he says that grandma pays more attention to her grandson than her own son. As the uncle grows frustrated, he leaves the room.


Hyun Myung and Ji Yong quickly leave before they’re spotted. Hyun Myung loses his chance to see his grandmother.


Outside of the hospital, Hyun Myung and Ji Yong are walking the grounds. He tells Hyun Myung that that situation was a key example of why surpluses are incompatible with relatives. I’m guessing Ji Yong had some negative, non-supportive situations with his own relatives for him to say something like that.

Hyung Myung seems unaffected. He even smiles and says, “But my grandma is still the same.”

Hyun Myung and Ji Yong laugh off a split text from a prospective employer.

They see a Youth Dream Concert happening. The man gives a speech about not giving up and being positive, about waiting for the rainbow. Ji Yong is so enamored by the words that he’s decided to embrace them completely.


Big and Byung Jae are playing basketball together.

He tells Big that it’s going to be their last game because he’s going abroad with Suzy to study. Mad, Big hits Byung Jae in the head with the ball, and he leaves.


Big is talking to Hye Young about the situation with Suzy leaving. She tells him to just confess already. He’s scared of getting dumped. Hye Young asks him what he lacks in comparison to Byung Jae.

While this discussion is taking place, Ji Yong is in the room and reading deeply.

Big shows his self-esteem issues when he all but says that there’s nothing good about him except for being tall. Big talks about Ji Yong being able to study well and that Hyun Myung’s good at art. Big also admits to not knowing his dream, which must be a hard confession to make. He also complains about his dialect and his family background. He, sadly, seems embarrassed that he’s a son of a Pollack Soup restaurant owner. I can think of worse professions for parents to add, but I can also understand where Big is coming from.

Ji Yong takes this time to tell Big that his problem is his pessimism, and that this attitude is holding him back.

Hye Young grabs his face and explains that God focused on him with great effort and care. She explains that Ji Yong and Byung Jae’s faces are a mess because God focused on Big. Then, God got tired from focusing on Big’s face, so he just slapped things together and that’s why Ji Yong and Byung Jae look the way that they do. *giggles* This is Hye Young’s way of giving Big a self-confidence boost. It’s definitely different but it’s uniquely just like Hye Young.


Meanwhile, Ji Yong sprouts nonsense that he must be reading out of some kind of self-help or guide to fulfillment style book.

After Ji Yong leaves, Hye Young decides to help Big out with his Suzy problem.


Elsewhere, Hye Young helps Big prepare for his “confession” to Suzy. Together, they’re rehearsing what he’s going to do and say for his confession.  Big is pretending that Hye Young is Suzy. Big grabs Hye Young’s hands and begins to sing. When he’s done, he says a few words before pulling her into his arms. In Big’s arms, Hye Young’s heart begins to pound.

Unfortunately, Suzy shows up while they’re embracing and thinks that they’re a couple. Yep, another perfectly-timed, convenient k-drama plot device. Unfortunately, Suzy was with Byung Jae, so he wouldn’t have been able to confess his feelings to her, anyway. Also, has anyone else noticed that Suzy doesn’t come across as the nicest person? She seemed a little snobby and rude in this scene. Of course, I could be reading it wrong, too. But that’s the vibe I got the entire time she talked.

Oh well.

Hye Young and Big were so awesome. I’ve been feeling “shippy” vibes from them ever since the Pretty Woman segment where Big modeled outfits for Hye Young. I really hope they stand a chance together.





On their way back to the house, Hye Young tries to console Big in her own way. Unfortunately, he’s really upset by the situation and is even teary-eyed.

She calls out, “Park Dae Bak.”

Shocked, he asked how she knows his name. She says she heard Ji Yong calling Big “Park Dae Bak” while he was drunk. Big is totally embarrassed. Hye Young shrugs when he asks if she’s told anyone else, but I think we all know her fairly well enough to know that she’d never do anything to intentionally hurt anyone. Look at how she’s reached out to help Ha Ni… and now Big.

She does ask for an explanation about why his parents named him Dae Bak. When he was born, the soup restaurant wasn’t doing well. So for the restaurant to find success, his parents named him Dae Bak. Hmm, could this be part of the reason that Big seems embarrassed by the family business?

Hye Young teases him and it’s the cutest thing, ever. I really want this ship to sale because they are absolutely adorable together. She continues to tease him until she makes him laugh and smile. Go Hye Young!



Passion Over Specification – the book that Ji Yong’s been quoting.

He tells Hyun Myung and Ha Ni that they should read it whenever they’re feeling down to help give them hope.

Hyun Myung announces that the person who wrote that book was embarrassed by forging his own specs. Ji Yong picks up another book and asks about it. “It’s about success after 10,000 hours of effort. Research shows it’s not credible.” He also further states that Ji Yong has studied for over 20,000 hours. Basically, Hyun Myung discredits all the books that Ji Yong has been reading.



This time, Hye Young is in the bathtub while Ha Ni sits on the toilet. Hye Young spills everything that happened with Big earlier. Their bonding experiences are great. If things don’t work out for Ha Ni, I’m going to be really sad if she ends up losing such a good friend.

Ha Ni makes a good call and says that Hye Young and Big are cute. It’s what many of us have been thinking from their interactions so far. Then, Hye Young decides to spray Ha Ni’s legs and she has her tail again. Ha Ni orders Hye Young to bring her some clothes since the tail ripped her dress.


Hye Young leaves the bathroom while Ha Ni is drying her tail. Thinking that the bathroom is free, Hyun Myung walks in and sees Ha Ni’s tale. He doesn’t say a word; he just looks at her wide-eyed. He walks out of the bathroom and slaps himself, thinking it could be a dream. Never fear because Hye Young saves the day by saying it’s a costume for her food broadcast.


Hyun Myung is on the phone with his mother asking about his grandmother, but she’s sleeping again. He plans to see her tomorrow.


Ha Ni suddenly appears in Hyun Myung’s room and catches him by surprise.


She asks about his grandmother, and also mentions that she misses her grandmother. Ha Ni gives him a present to give to his grandmother.


Jin Ah is working out.

Then, she gets the bright idea to post the picture with her and chef on her facebook page. How in the world is this ever going to be a good idea, Jin Ah? Then, she pretends that she did it accidentally. Yeah, it’s not that easy to “accidentally” upload the wrong photo. Good luck to her at selling that angle. She lets everyone on her facebook infer what they want about her and the chef. She doesn’t confirm or deny anything.

Bad call, Jin Ah. Very bad call.


Jin Ah arrives to work and she’s the talk of JH Foods; she also locates Ha Ni and brings her to where Shi Kyung will be cooking for her.

Did Jin Ah do all of this because she knew Ha Ni would be coming and would overhear it?



Later, Shi Kyung invites Ha Ni to try some new food of his.  Slowly, it seems that Shi Kyung is putting together the events from episode one. Her pearl necklace caught his eye and he asked her about mermaids, and she awkwardly laughed it off. I have the sneaking suspicion that Shi Kyung might find out about Ha Ni before Hyun Myung. But Hyun Myung did see Ha Ni’s tail… although, he thought it was just a costume thanks to Hye Young’s save.


The two have a lot of cute, sweet moments while he is cooking. I actually smiled through the entire scene. As I stated in my last recap, I’m okay with Shi Kyung and Ha Ni becoming romantic because they are adorable and seem to have chemistry together. So, despite being tortured by a love triangle, I’m enjoying both male leads so far.


Witch Ahn is working from his food truck when CEO Hong (JH Food) arrives. He is surprised to see her there. She wants to try the food, though, so there she is. She ends up eating too fast and starts to choke. It’s Witch Ahn to the rescue! The way she looks at him, you can tell she has some kind of interest in him. Is another budding relationship on the horizon?


Back at JH Food, Shi Kyung thanks Ha Ni for giving him so many great ideas. Right when he’s about to say something, Jin Ah barges in. She tells him about the SNS photo and that the company is talking about them being together. It looks like it’s damage control time for Shi Kyung.


Jin Ah gets an earful from Team Leader Kim. Shi Kyung takes this moment to step in before Team Leader can get too harsh with Jin Ah.

Ha Ni misunderstands a conversation Shi Kyung is having with Team Leader Kim. It really grinds my gears that I give Jin Ah a little slack, and they she goes and does stupid stuff like posting pictures of her and the chef on her SNS. After tons of rumors throughout the day, the Team Leader is absolutely furious. This time, Jin Ah dug her own grave, and she nearly took Shi Kyung with her. Try as I might, nothing ever changes with Jin Ah. She’s manipulative and she’s willing to lie and make a big mess just to get Shi Kyung to come to her. He even told her over dinner that he prefers to keep a professional relationship with her. As much as it sucks, why can’t she have some pride and let go, already?


Disheartened, Ha Ni leaves and is walking down the street re-playing what just happened at the company.


Hyun Myung is working when Big abruptly shows up. Big has to break the terrible news that Hyun Myung’s grandmother has passed away. How did I have a feeling that the show was going to do that? Poor Hyun Myung.


As he tries to pay his respects, his uncle makes a scene, grabbing him and shaking him. He yells at him for not even going to see her.


Ha Ni returns home to see the note taped on the door about Hyun Myung’s grandmother.


Outside of the hospital, Hyun Myung’s aunt tells him not to feel too badly because his grandmother knew how he felt. Until the end, she clutched the same picture that Hyun Myung was looking at earlier when Ha Ni barged into his room. It’s really gut-wrenching because she sees the true potential in Hyun Myung. She knows damn well that he’s talented and will be successful. That kind of faith and support was sweet to see. It’s such a shame she had to die when we didn’t even get to see the two interact. I will say, even as hard as it is to say, that this terrible tragedy brought Ha Ni to Hyun Myung. The way she soothed him and cried just shows how much she cares. Hyun Myung needed a shoulder and she was there. Could this be the beginning of an honest friendship between the two?


Additional thoughts and other ramblings.

After the heavy, sad ending to this episode, I really appreciated the lighter moments. One thing I will commend in regards to SP: they really found a nice balance between the humor and drama. It made surviving the last five minutes of this drama possible. I’m a crier, so when sad stuff happens in dramas, my eyes start leaking like a sieve.

I want to see a solid friendship form between Hyun Myung and Ha Ni. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m really moved by the scenes they share. Whether it’s teasing or fighting or working together or consoling, I see them really connect. That is not to take away from Shi Kyung and Ha Ni as they both share a connection through their mutual interest in food. I personally feel, from what we’ve learned so far, that Hyun Myung and Ha Ni seem to have more in common, but that is purely as a biased take as we don’t know nearly enough about Shi Kyung to judge who has more in common with who.

Guys, Ohn Joo Wan really wowed me this episode. His crying was so believable. And the way that he tried to talk while he was crying and couldn’t breathe was just perfect and moving. I’m still stunned and it’s been nearly two weeks now. I can’t even put together a coherent thought in regards to his masterful acting in those last two minutes of this episode. It’s some of the most realistic crying I’ve ever seen from a male actor in any k-drama, so I kind of consider this a pretty big deal. If I was giving out MVP (most valuable player) awards for acting, he would easily receive said award.



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