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Strong Female Leads #001: Yang Si Ohn

As I’ve just finished watching Who Are You not too long ago, I felt it was only appropriate to feature a female lead who is equally physically and mentally tough.

Meet Yang Si Ohn, who is the Team Leader of the Lost & Found division of the police force.

Note: Please click the link at your own discretion as it contains spoilers about the series.

She was in a coma for six years after being struck in the head while visiting her boyfriend, Detective Lee Hyung Joon, who was on a stakeout with another Detective. The sad part is that before Si Ohn becomes comatose, she has to watch the love of her life get shot. As she tries to escape, the same people crack her over the head and she ends up in a six-year coma. When she wakes up from the coma, she has no recollection of Hyung Joon or what happened that night. It’s frustrating for Si Ohn who returns to the police force only six months after waking up from her coma.

This character just wants some normalcy back in her life. She also wants some answers, too. But despite all of that, she convinces herself to resume work. And she doesn’t let her personal issues and demons effect her work performance, which is something I especially admired about Si Ohn.

On top of not remembering the past, she can now see spirits. She generally only sees them after handling an item at the Lost & Found center. There are a few exceptions – like Hyung Joon for example. Initially, she’s spooked by being able to see the dead. Can you really blame her, though? That’s a huge life adjustment after spending six years in a coma. And it’s not like she can just tell anyone that she can see the dead because they’ll all think she’s crazy and incapable of handling her job.

But what could have been the setup for a weak and flighty character was easily avoided thanks to some great writing and character development. Also, Si Ohn is really smart and clever. She’s also pretty dang fearless as she throws herself into numerous situations that put her life into danger.

Si Ohn is rightly confused and terrified by what’s going around in her life, but she still pastes a bright smile on her face and goes into work. She even uses her new found ability to help the spirits that are coming to her. She goes out and investigates crimes. She puts her life in jeopardy numerous times to help these spirits, and in the end, she does exactly that. Si Ohn solves many unsolved and not properly solved cases while she’s also on the hunt to find out who killed Hyung Joon.

And let’s rewind a moment to explain that Si Ohn’s job isn’t running around and solving crimes. Her job is head at the Lost & Found center. So, not only is she incredibly strong-willed, but she goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Eventually, Si Ohn is able to move on from her traumas. She also manages to move on with her professional and personal life.

This character proves to be incredibly strong and selfless. She may appear cold and withdrawn at times, but she’s really a loyal, loving person that anyone would want on their side. She  goes through an incredible amount of pain and heartbreak, but she never once compromises who she is and what she stands for.


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