Summer Watch List: Sunny K-Dramas


As I’m only two days from the beginning of summer here in the Western Hemisphere, I thought it would be the perfect timing to assemble a list of dramas that would be a great way to kick back and beat the summer heat.


PLAYFUL KISS – This is the very first drama I watched, and for that reason, it’s very memorable to me. This is a lighter, brighter, sunnier k-drama that is split between high school and college. If you’re looking for a fluffy drama, you’ve found your match. Bonus: Kim Hyung-Joong is extra broody.


ROOFTOP PRINCE – This is one of the more recent dramas I’ve watched. It’s funny, quirky, and it’s amusing to see characters time travel to a point in time where the entire world is different. The learning curve of some of the characters definitely brightens up this drama. Ketchup packets will never ever be the same for me again.


SHUT UP AND LET’S GO (SHUT UP FLOWER BOY BAND) – This is a drama that I hold very dear to my heart. It revolves around an underground rock group comprised of high school students. It’s actually a thousand times better than the title implies. If you’re a fan of slightly gritty music-centered dramas, you’ll love this one. To be honest, it’s not what I would call a “sunny drama” but I feel it’s perfect for a summer watch list anyway. Warning: There is a rather emotional event that really kicks off this drama, but I still highly recommend it for the music and cast of characters alone.


PRETTY MAN – There are dramas that you’re not so sure about, but Pretty Man grows on you. It’s a lighter, sunnier drama that is about a quirky, girl in her mid-twenties who is obsessed and in love with a guy that women consider an “adonis” type. The plot is kind of ridiculous at times, but it’s worth watching just to see how many times Dokgo Ma Te changes his facial expressions and hair style. Warning: Second Male Lead Syndrome may apply here. P.S. Honestly, I love this drama and the main leads. If you pay attention and notice the small things, the story really does unfold as it should.


HEARTSTRINGS – If you’re looking for a brighter, more easy going version of Shut Up and Let’s GoHeartstrings is a great alternative. It’s about a group of university students at a performing arts school. There is plenty of music and there’s even a sweet romance that anchors this series. Plus, there are some great supporting characters that help add dimension to the story.

*updated June 29th 2014


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