Cinderella Meets the Prince and the Pauper?

Shining Inheritance is a series I’ve seen recommended a lot by fellow k-drama fans.

Initially, I wasn’t really feeling the cover image or description on Netflix. I know to never judge a book by its cover, but as I tend to be picky in what I watch, I decided to give it a try. I’m about halfway through the series, and I have mixed feelings. There’s some stuff I’m really enjoying, but Hwan’s sister and mother are the most irritating, whiny female characters I’ve had yet to watch. Maybe their redemption story is on the horizon?

At least, even though Hwan can be irritating at times, he shows promise with glimpses of his kindness and demeanor. Maybe Eun Sung is actually getting through to him?

I suspect it will take me a few more days to finish out the series. I had no idea it has a whopping 28 episodes! Due to my curiosity, I’ll probably have another sleepless night (or two) as I watch this in bed on my Kindle. Yep, I’m at the stage of my k-drama obsession where I have no qualms about giving up precious sleep just to keep watching.


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