Confessions of a K-Drama Addict #01: Can’t Fight This Addiction

The Korean Drama addiction is a real thing. I talk all about my newest venture into Asian television.

confessions of a k-drama addiction 01

Confessions of a K-Drama Addict: #01 Can’t Fight This Addiction

Confessions of a K-Drama Addict: #01 Can't Fight This Addiction

I just don’t know when to stop. I am consumed by the need to watch as many k-dramas as I can. Ever since I started watching back in April, I’ve been sent down the rabbit hole. One drama followed by another… followed by another. Ottoke? (What to do?)

These Korean dramas are some seriously addicting stuff. It’s gotten to the point where I watch 95% k-dramas and 5% US shows. (Although, I have a sneaking suspicion that the US percentage might be a tad bit too high. I might be a bit generous.)

This isn’t a bad thing, per say. Tonight, a few hours after finishing Brides of the CenturyI decided to shift from Drama Fever to Netflix as I’ve been neglecting my account for the past few weeks. I started Shut Up and Let’s Go aka Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

From my limited experience of k-dramas, I think it’s wise to mix up genres and styles. Too much of the same thing is emotionally taxing, especially if you’re the type like me that gravitate towards  romantic comedies. I do enjoy a good sweep, dramatic melodrama, but the key is balance. I might not know when to hit the pause button on a drama, but at least I know when it’s time to switch up styles.

That said, I’m absolutely loving Shut Up and Let’s Go so far. Even though I’ll probably wake up with less than four hours of sleep. So many sleep deprivation filled nights.

Confessions of a K-Drama Addict: #01 Can't Fight This Addiction

Nonetheless, I’ll still manage to roll out of bed with a ridiculous smile on my face. My family will likely ask me what I have to be so cheery about first thing in the morning. It’s k-drama bliss, ya’all.

Confessions of a K-Drama Addict: #01 Can't Fight This Addiction

And then there’s Sung Joon, who is so swoon worthy and dreamy. Plus, I like his crazy mop of hair.

And, as always, they won’t understand just how much these k-dramas own a piece of my heart. Subtitles rule! K-dramas rule! [Insert fist pump here!] #foreveraddicted #noregrets

Final Thoughts.

Fellow drama fans, do you understand this plight? Not knowing when it’s time to hit the pause button and finish your marathon and/or binge watch another day? And there we have it. My confessions of a K-Drama Addict #01: Can’t Fight This Addiction.

If you don’t believe my addition, check out my what I’ve watched page. I’ve been binge-watching like there is no tomorrow.

Confessions of a K-Drama Addict: #01 Can't Fight This Addiction


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