Confessions of a k-drama addict: #001

I just don’t know when to stop. It’s gotten to the point where I watch 95% kdramas and 5% US shows.

This isn’t a bad thing, per say. Tonight, a few hours after finishing Brides of the CenturyI decided to shift from drama fever to netflix as I’ve been neglecting my account for the past few weeks. I started Shut Up and Let’s Go/Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

From my limited experience of kdramas, I think it’s wise to mix up genres and styles. Too much of the same thing is emotionally taxing, especially if you’re the type like me that gravitate towards melodramas. That said, I’m absolutely loving Shut Up and Let’s Go so far. Even though I’ll probably wake up with less than four hours of sleep, I’ll have a ridiculous smile like this pasted on my face:

The family will likely ask me what I have to be so cheery about. And, as always, they won’t understand just how much these kdramas own a piece of my heart. #foreveraddicted


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